14 Charismatic Models with Tattoos

Models have long been considered as being indulged in the tattoo craze. Every model is up with a new style and persona having too many tattoos all over their bodies, either male or female. Some love to flaunt the small and delicate tattoos while the others like the more rugged and larger versions. Although the fashion world is filled with innumerable examples of beautiful faces presenting varied tattoos captivatingly, we will summarize our list to 14 top models who are famous for their tattoos and love showing them off wherever they go.

1. Miles Langford

Top Models with Tattoos

Miles has been flaunting his graffiti-inspired tattoos covering his entire upper body. With these, he has managed to be the shining star of many brands and is still counting.

2. Daniel Bamdad

Top Models with Tattoos

This guy is a rough-style chap having his body heavily tattooed with so many details that add to his style.

3. Cara Delevingne

Top Models with Tattoos

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27 is the latest count of tattoos that this model carries. She loves being inked and knows how to get the attention of onlookers for each one of them.

4. Casey Legler

Top Models with Tattoos

This model has a strange charisma that very few models can carry. Being a woman, she manages the male persona surprisingly well. She adds to this with her magnificent tattoos.

5. Matt McGlone

Top Models with Tattoos

Matt is known for his free-style and it is depicted by his tattoos, too.

6. Stephen James

Top Models with Tattoos

Here is yet another heavily tattooed style icon.

7. Omahyra Mota

Top Models with Tattoos

Omahyra has the bold and prominent stuff presented as tattoos on her body that give her style a spark.

8. Leebo Freeman

Top Models with Tattoos

Along with the heavy tattoos on his arms, Leebo loves showing off his knuckle tattoos that do pretty well, too.

9. Mikkel Jensen

Top Models with Tattoos

Mr. Jensen has a graceful winged tattoo all along his collar bone that makes his body more accustomed to style.

10. Bradley Soileau

Top Models with Tattoos

His wide tattoo coverage says it all. He amazes everyone with these artworks in music videos quite comfortably.

11. Tyson Beckford

Top Models with Tattoos

This hunk has a glowing dark complexion that makes his tattooed sleeves shine and stand out.

12. Tasha Tilberg

Top Models with Tattoos

Tasha’s shoulder tattoo complements every outfit she wears and gives her personality a charismatic lift.

13. Josh Beech

Top Models with Tattoos

Here is another inspirational tattoo style this model is known for.

14. Rick Genest

Top Models with Tattoos

Rick’s perspective for full body tattooing is hard to explain but to put in a nutshell, he has taken the conventional tattooing to the next level, hence turning himself into a “Zombie Boy”.

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