15 Most Helpful Content Curation Tool

What is Content Curation

Finding information on the internet to have idea about your content is not a problem now, the only thing you need to be a social media person. The term is known as “Content Curation“, but is this the definition we need to know about Content Curation. I think Content Curation really helps to find targeted content on the net, to have more valuable customer involvement through the right content choice for them.

How Does Content Curation Work

With that said there are many bad rumors about the phrase “Content Curation“, many think it is violation of copyright laws to collect, filter and re-create what others have already been discussed. To me the Truth to the matter is Content Curation is not stealing others work, curators spend so much time to filter and select the topics related to their audience, this is so much time consuming and takes more effort to see what works for you.

 Tools to Find Related Content for Curation

I know there will be so much confusion about the tools as content is every where– from Twitter, Facebook, GoogleReader, GoogleAlert, Google+, Plurk… you name it. Its like Matrix where everything coming into you and confusion is all around to take a step to see the right one. So with that concern i have collected 15 most effective, most powerful free and popular tools for everyone to take advantage from. Hope you will find what you are looking for in these. Enjoy!


Bundlr is a clipper tool like Pinterest not just restricted to videos and images, it lets you save everything that you like on relevant to your interest from images, videos, clip text in bundles.


Delicious is a simple Social Bookmarking tool, it has upgraded to use stacks which is really great way to find quality content while discovering others.


Eqentia is a powerful enterprise platform for content curation. It is free to track news from any of the content streams by bookmarking articles, setting up alerts from Twitter or Google Reader.


Evernote is a wonderful tool to use on any device it will organize audio, text, images to what ever device. Grab content from resources including Twitter, Facebook, web pages… from anything you like with no cost at all.


Flipboard is for Apple’s iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Can be arranged in three ways: by selecting which sites you want to appear in your device , from an interesting curator’s in the list and by adding large number of social accounts to subscribe to–like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram…

Internet Billboards

Internet Billboards is also a great source to get quality content, you won’t be disappointed because the community here is great passionate curators and content will appear in search engines like google fast, really great way to get quality backlinks .


List.ly allows you to embed the list of content e.g. iFrame in GoogleSites wiki— use of iPad in classroom, really impressive source, enabling team curation around the list of items.


Paper.Li sums content from Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed… and arranges everything into news-paper like format, also it automatically sends daily tweet to followers and people can subscribe to your papers by email.


Pearltrees is another rising star tool which lets you organize your interest in pearls and pearltrees. you can import your delicious links, connect your Twitter, Facebook accounts with Pearltrees account.


Pinterest is amazing tool to share content– pin the images, video and other objects to pinboard. Wonderful way to discover great content free.


Qrait is a real-time content curation tool which makes it so easy to curate content find anywhere on the web, the only thing you need to do is enter the text or url to search and it will do all for you .


Scoop.it is one of the best tools to curate content, it has lovely layout and easy to setup. With free account 5 curated topics can be created with their own dedicated magazine-like layout, share your Scoop on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Blog… so many options.


Storify is perfect tool when you need to create news stories, just gather content from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google and more. Excellent deal with stories, you can also edit your stories whenever you like.


Themeefy is a tool for curators bringing together the content found into a flip book. See the information anywhere on the web, social networks, YouTube, images or any other video– add it to the story you are writing and deliver through Themeefy as attractive sequence of slides.


Diggo is quite good Social Bookmarking tool to share and grab great quality content, is improving day-by-day.

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  1. Ally here, from the Scoop.it team! I’m so glad that you share the belief that content curation is an important practice and is so much more than just stealing. You make a great point when you say that curators work very hard to filter the information that they are sharing to make sure it is relevant to the topic of their expertise! Thanks so much for including Scoop.it on your list, and I’m glad to hear that you are loving it! If there is anything I can ever do for you , don’t hesitate to send me a tweet or an email!

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