15 Year Old New Living Barbie Queen Doll Venus Palermo

Venus Palermo is a new living barbie queen doll from London England, she was born in Switzerland and moved permanently to England. Palermo went to Japan with her parents in 2008 — was inspired by Japanese “Anime” and started working like-one, at the age of 13 she put her dancing videos on Youtube which attracted attention of Japanese teenagers who loved her “Anime” looks.

Venus got so many inspiring comments and started experimenting with make up to mimic the “Puppet” features.

Margaret Palermo her mother: ‘Venus is an innocent girl. She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t smoke, she’s not even remotely interested in boys. She works hard at her studies. ‘I would be far more upset if she was rolling around drunk in the street. ‘This is not about attracting men. This is something she likes to do for herself and she enjoys it. Why would I stop her doing something she loves, that she’s good at and that is doing no harm? There is nothing sexual about this — she just wants to look pretty.

Venus Palermo uses opaque contact lenses to make her irises look bigger with unnatural color, baby powder for skin, face to look discolor from hair and eyebrows. This has resulted so many commentators on the net claimed that she looks like a corpse but Venus is a bit worried–she prefers to emphasize that she is blonde.

Venus as she considers herself blonde speaks 5 languages including Spanish and Japanese, the bad thing is that she other than online community have no real friends.

To Watch here Make Up Video Click Here and 2

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