16 Amazing Halloween Group Costume Ideas For 2024

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s officially the time to get excited for it. There is no need of getting dress up into scary and horror costumes when you can bring your new ideas and creativity into action and adopt something different and unique for the Halloween this year. No room for worries anymore because here is the list of some fascinating and amazing ideas for your Halloween costume.

1. Scooby doo’s group

Scooby doo’s group costume idea for halloween

No doubt this costume is more on cuter side and less on scary side but who wants to get scary when you can be cute. The Scooby doo theme costume is perfect for group with variety of talents.

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2. Go Mario Kart

Go Mario Kart group halloween costume ideas

Want to be the coolest group in the town? Than here is your answer. Be the live version of Mario Kart and ride with style whole day. The plus point is that these bicycles will help you catch candies faster than others.

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3. Meaty Burger

Meaty Burger group halloween costume ideas

Foodie? No problem. You can bring your love for food out and show others as well by simply dressing in a burger. Just bring buns, tomato, meat patty and lettuce along and give a whole new level of creativity to group costume ideas.

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4. Cards

dress as playing deck of cards halloween group costume ideas

You can dress as deck of cards as well. Who says cards are only for playing when you can bring costume out of it.

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5. Hercules

women halloween group hercules theme dress in white

Apply some unique and different look by simply following the Hercules theme and dress in stylish white costumes and don’t forget the amazing hairstyles.

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6. The powerful Powerpuff Girls

The powerful Powerpuff Girls group halloween costume

The best trio can easily dressup in the powerful yet cutest costumes. The powerpuff girls theme is best for three besties to adopt and rock.

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7. M&Ms

M&M Halloween theme dress For Group

When people around you tends to dress scary. You can simply dress yummy just by going for the M&M theme dress. It’s the best for the group of sweets and candy lovers. You can bring as much colors as you want.

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8. Ninja turtles


Be strong be ninja. Yes you can easily dress in green for the teenage mutant ninja turtle theme and celebrate the night with style.

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9. Peter pan

cosplay peter pan group halloween costumes

Fan of animated movies than here is the best option for something interesting. Go for peter pan theme costumes and spread your magic. Add your large group into this and bring this theme into reality.

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10. Fantastic girls

DIY Fantastic girls Group Halloween Costume

Got to drink something than drink it with style. When others are following simplr movie characters than you can become something fantastic. Yes why not dress as a colour of fanta bottles and have fun.

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11. Alice in the wonderland

DIY Alice in the wonderland Group Halloween Costume

Remember your childhood animated movie Alice in wonderland, yes it is still the best idea for Halloween costume party.

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12. Disney princesses


Loved the Disney princesses? Played as Disney princesses? Than why not dress as Disney princesses.  Dress beautifully and fulfil your dream of becoming the princess.

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13. Incredible

The Incredibles Group halloween Costume ideas

Do something incredible this Halloween and surprise everyone by dressing as incredible movie characters and bring some incredible action into your Halloween party.

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14. Emoji

Emoji Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Short on budget but still the wonderful and creative idea to go for. Dress in emoticon style

T-shirts and bring your cuteness out of cell phone and rock into real life.

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15. Evil minions


When everyone wants to be the yellow minion, than why not go for the blue and enjoy with the different style.

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16. Lego world

Lego world theme costume for halloween group

Make your world square instead of round by adopting the unique idea of Lego world theme costume for the Halloween. Rock the yellow with style and bring your group into creativity.

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