16 Interesting Funny “Oh No You Didn’t” Meme Ideas

Here are new interesting and funny oh no you didn’t meme. The best ideas of memes from Social media Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest about oh no you didn’t.

1. No more Dieting

oh no you didnt ignore diet funny meme

Dieting is such a tough thing to do and especially on weekends as they are the time to enjoy and party. And the best feeling is when you ignore your dieting and have good food after so long.

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2. Not a Ellen’s fan


Ellen is an all time favorite celebrity due to her famous show and it’s difficult to not like her. Someone didn’t like her than it’s totally strange to know.

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3. Try new flavor


Can’t say it is a bad news for ice cream lovers or bacon lovers as new ice cream in bacon flavor is introduced. How is it even possible to happen? But it happened.

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4. Childhood games


Remember all those childhood games in which winning and losing were the matter of life and death. And how heartbroken you felt after losing it to your sibling.

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5. Last scope

Please tell me you didn't eat the last of the ice cream!

The pleasure of eating the last scope of ice cream is on one side and rest of the ice cream is on one side. And when someone ate that last scope which you were saving for yourself, it feels so dejected.

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6. To church without bible

you mean to tell me

The expressions one can gave on knowing that someone came to church but forget their bible at home. Seriously, how could this happen. It means either you didn’t come to church on first place or you didn’t want to come.

7. Have a cheat day

cheat day meme

Didn’t you suppose to not eat this much during your dieting? Did you just have a cheat day? Oh no, the amount of food you had on your cheat day can fulfill the hunger needs of half of Africa.

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8. Ruining dad’s shirt since forever


Oh no one can claim in this world that they didn’t ruin their parent’s favorite cloths. Since childhood till forever kids always do this either by food, dirty hands or simply by doing urine on them and no you can’t deny it.

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9. Women rule

Oh no didn’t you just make fun of women

What is it that men are most afraid of specially the one in politics? That in future the day will come when women will rule this world. And they didn’t let the chance of trolling them go away easy. Oh no didn’t  you just make fun of women.

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10. Dealing with snow

Oh no didn’t you

Oh no didn’t you supposed to put the doors and top of your jeep back on because it was snowing so much outside. Don’t try to be over smart in this kind of weather otherwise you will find yourself in more difficulty.

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11. Never say what you think

everyone was thinking it i just said it

Did you just say it out loud what everyone was already thinking? Oh no, never do this. This is the sentence we often heard from our elders when we say something that was not supposed to be said at least not loud.

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12. Called by wrong name

oh no she didn't

When people tend to forget the actual pronunciation of your name and call you by some very different versions of your name.

13. Breaking mic


People try to become more impressive by showing more aggression but unfortunately all aggression came out on mic. What is the fault of mic in the entire scenario, why he always suffer from someone else aggression.

14. possessive girls

oh no you didn't

Girls are always possessive about their things but when it came towards their man than there is no one that an save you from them not even Satan. Be careful when looking towards any taken man.

15. unplugging

you did not meme

The most frustrating thing ever is when someone unplugs your computer, laptop or mobile and plug their own instead. this is not just unplugging it’s a war in other words.

16. that reaction

oh no you didn't meme

when you got nothing to be amused about show the sudden reaction of unpleasantness than be sure how your face will look like. If you are sure that you will look like Flynn than its super cool otherwise try to control your expressions because this is the best “oh no you didn’t” reaction.

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