16 Latest Makeup Trends for Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Makeup is the essential fashion element of everyday routine for women. Working ladies, students, housewives, models, celebrities all had a vital use of makeup in their lives. The latest fall fashion trends get all the desired attention immediately as ladies are already waiting to try something new. In this regard makeup artists never disappoint ladies and always bring something new and unique for them according to the season. Here is the list of some amazing latest makeup trends for upcoming fall and winter seasons.

1. Maximum minimalism

minimalist fall makeup

Makeup artists now days are more inclined towards the minimum makeup and more natural look until and unless they are showing something creative, otherwise it’s all about natural looks. This is mostly seen at Van Noten, Isabel Marant, Alexander McQueen, Céline, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent, Sportmax, Mulberry, Victoria Beckham.

2. The gothic

gothic fall winter makeup

This season’s catwalk and fashion shows like Fenty x Puma by Rihanna, Philipp Plein, Valentino, had one thing in common and that is the gothic look. This look is the combination of blood red or wine colored lips along with the required amount of dark eye shades.

3. The tribal look

fall winter makeup trends the tribal look

The very different yet unique look that came into spot light this season is the tribal style makeup. The neon shade painted on the face especially on the eyelids in such a way that it represent the tribal culture. This is seen at many shows like Fashion East, Fenty x Puma by Rihanna, Maison Margiela

4. Graphic liner

fall winter makeup trends graphic liner

Applying the eyeliner on the lower eyelids is now old fashion as the latest trend brings the applying of eyeliner on upper eyelids. It can be in rectangular shape or in semicircle as both are seen at Moschino, Mugler, Tome and Chanel.

5. The glowing complexion

fall winter makeup trends The glowing complexion

This new trends is seen at Burberry, Christopher Kane, Giambattista Valli and Thakoon where the actual face complexion is enhanced with the help of liquid foundation. The sole purpose behind this trend is highlighting the actual features of face.


6. Vampy Lips

fall winter makeup trends Vampy Lips

With this deep plum lipstick no more makeup is necessary as this is the only thing that will get all attention if you want to stand out in the crowd. This latest trend is definitely a big yes to go for this winter.

7. Powder Blue Eye

fall winter makeup trends Powder Blue Eye Makeup

Oscar de la Renta bring the new look in the makeup trend for this winters by presenting the clear as well as soft look with the powder blue eyes. These baby blue eyes bring out the freshness and bloom.

8. All-Around Eyeliner

fall winter makeup trends All-Around Eyeliner

Eyes that look most impressive is when they are covered in black liner. With almost no make at all, this all around eyeliner gave your eyes an extraordinary look as well as enhanced them.

9. Metallic Accents

fall winter makeup trends Metallic Accents

The bright gold color is all you need to make your looks glamorous. All you need to do is to stretch it from the crease to eyebrows as seen at Alexis Mabille. This is perfectly enough to give you a complete look.

10. Offbeat Lips

fall winter makeup trends Offbeat Lips

This seasons latest trends bring many new things in the list and violet colored lips are one of them as they are rarely seen in the fashion shows. This is the coolest addition in the trending list.


11. Heavy metal

fall winter makeup trends Heavy metal

Eyes definitely pop out with this unique yet interesting latest trend of eye shades. This two colored metallic eye shades with the shimmery corner is one of the most fascinating trend for this winters and fall.


12. Glittery lips

fall winter makeup trends Glittery lips

Glittery lips are also the most trending thing this season. Either the full glittery lips or it’s the shimmery ones; this look is totally in the latest make up trend. Don’t forget to give it a try.

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13. Down the Nose Highlight

fall winter makeup trends Down the Nose Highlight

When everything is about eyes and lips, here is something for nose also. In effort of trying to enhance your eyes or lips don’t forget to enhance your nose by highlighting it. this is the simple but popular trend for this winter.

14. Eyebrows Not Filled In

fall winter makeup trends Eyebrows Not Filled In

Recently we are in habit of filling in our eyebrows to give them the rich look but the makeup artists always brought something different yet unexpected. Now they brought the unfilled eyebrows on the trending list.


15. Wavy hair

fall winter makeup trends Wavy hair

The latest hair trends for this fall season is to let your hair fall in loosen and ruffled waves. Carry a moderate amount of makeup with this style to give yourself a refreshing look.

16. Everything

fall winter makeup trends full makeup

This is the complete look for this fall and winter season. The full fringes that cover the complete forehead and fall on eyes rose colored lips and the silvery eyes. This look has everything that you need for this winter season.


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