16 Super Cool Movie Character Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

How about a spiced-up appearance for this Halloween? Well, kids will surely go for such a look. Children love to try outfits that are flashy yet trendy while being strictly in conformance with the occasion under consideration. So to help kids develop their dream attires, we present here some great ideas for Halloween costumes:

1. Uma from Disney Descendants 2

Disney Descendants 2 Uma costume for girls

Relive the Disney moments with this picture-perfect costume.

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2. Evie from Disney’s Descendants 2

Disney Descendants 2 Evie costume

Here is another Disney-inspired costume that will suit the Halloween feel gracefully.

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3. Poppy Troll

Poppy Troll halloween kids costume

If you are looking for something fun and colorful to wear, then this Poppy Troll outfit will serve the purpose.

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4. Mal from Disney’s Descendants 2

Disney Descendants 2 Mal costume

This one is a complete treat for the fans of purple hues.

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5. Catwoman

catwoman toddlers halloween costume

Superheroes will save the day; in this case, The Catwoman! Children will find this outfit amazing.

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6. Star Wars Stormtrooper

Star Wars Stormtrooper kids costume ideas

The all-time favorite show ‘Star Wars’ has plenty of perfect costume ideas for Halloween. One of them is right here.

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7. Sweet Raccoon

Sweet Raccoon Child Costume

This feline outfit will be a delightful present to your daughters who love to keep their cats around.

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8. Peacock Girl

Peacock Girl costume ideas for halloween

Look at the pretty color scheme used in this outfit. A refreshing Halloween attire indeed!

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9. Spider Man

Spider Man costume ideas

Another superhero that is a huge hit among children! Its costume will also create the magic.

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10. 80s Valley Girl

80s Valley Girl costume

If you want to go a bit retro, then this outfit will go well with your stuff.

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11. Star Wars Captain Phasma

Star Wars Captain Phasma costume

Get all robotic with this metallic-looking costume that’s playful at the same time.

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12. Wonder Woman


Among the female superheroes, Wonder Woman is the most trending one, particularly among the girls. Your kid will surely love its miniature outfit.

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13. Black Panther

Black Panther kids costume ideas

Don’t forget to give credit to the villains like the Black Panther pestering Captain America. Their costumes will add the same craziness to your look, making it absolutely spot-on for Halloween.

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14. Harry Potter

Harry Potter kids costume

Harry Potter look in a Gryffindor robe is just what you need to enjoy Halloween in its true spirit.

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15. Where’s Waldo

Where’s Waldo kids costumes

Being cute is often what you need altogether. This costume will make it even simpler for you.

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16. Black Fighter Ninja

Black Fighter Ninja Children Costumes

For the kids who love fighting games and ninja spirit, go straight for this custom-made outfit.

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