17 Best Shoulder Armor Tattoo Designs For Men

Armors were worn by people in battles to protect themselves against weapons and any kind of damage inflicted upon them the metal covering on the arm and shoulder would be a source of protection from getting hurt. A popular design for men in tattoos would be to get an armor tattoo as it gives a feeling of protection and power. Here are 17 such designs to get on the full arm or it could also be done up to the shoulder.

1. Angel Armor Design

Angel Armor Tattoo On Shoulder

Here is one with an angel in the middle, This tattoo looks great on the arm and gives an impression of peace

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2. 3D Samarui Armor Tattoo

3D Samurai Armor Tattoo On Half Sleeve

This really cool 3D Samarui Tattoo is eye catching and looks amazing! the detailing on the arm is really beautiful.  It gives a powerful impact.

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3. Knight Armor tattoo

Armor Knight Tattoo On Upper Arm For Men

When you say Knight in shining armor this is the tattoo that sums it up. A gorgeous design with little perfect detailing.

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4. Superman logo tattoo

Superman Logo Armor Tattoo On Sleeve

All the superman fans here is one design that is a definite one if you love tattoos, A feeling of power and pride when you wear a superman tattoo.

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5. Fierce Lion Tattoo

Lion Armor Half Sleeve Tattoo For Men

With a very giant lion face and a shield, A fierce and powerful tattoo must try for those who want to depict power through their tattoos.

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6. Reindeer Tattoo

Deer Armor Shoulder Tattoo

A very delicate and strong tattoo at the same time, The face of a reindeer with huge horns, looks really amazing.

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7. Medieval Armor Tattoo

Medieval Armor Tattoo For Men

A very unique tattoo, looks pretty attractive. Done all in blue is surely to catch some attention.

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8. Celtic Dragon Tattoo

celtic dragon armor tattoo

Very well done with the detailing, this tattoo shows different colors that makeup a dragon face. Looks really good.

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9. Celtic Medieval Armor Tattoo

Celtic Medieval Armor Tattoo On Shoulder

A very gorgeous pattern done in black as an armor, Looks amazing.

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10. Star Armor Tattoo

Star Armor Tattoo On Sleeve

WIth a star in the middle and the armor design done in black looks pretty good.

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11. Stylish Brown Armor Tattoo

Stylish Armor Shoulder Tattoo for Men

An armor tattoo that is done with brown detailing, looks pretty cool and stylish!

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12. Shield Armor Tattoo

Shield Armor Tattoo On Shoulder For Men

A shield done in black with beautiful detailed design pattern. Gives an impression of protection.

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13. Evil face Armor Tattoo

Scary Armor Tattoo On Half Sleeve

An evil face done as an armor, looks freaky wear it as a tattoo if you want to go for a macho look.

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14. Lion Armor Tattoo

Lion With Armor Tattoo On Shoulder

An amazing design, the Lion is roaring out loud, holding a sword. Depicts power and fearlessness.

15. Dragon Armor Tattoo

Dragon Shoulder Armor Tattoo For Men

A Dragon Armor Tattoo done in black looks really good.

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16. Flower Armor design

Grey Medieval Armor Tattoo On Half Sleeve

With a flower in the middle and with beautiful detailing done in black looks very artistic.

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17. Armor design with a wound

Armor With Wound On Sleeve Tattoo

A very unique tattoo which shows an armor done in perfect  detailing, with a red wound at the bottom. Looks really attractive.

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