18 Celebrity Looks to Go with Old Hollywood Curls

Olden days will always be the golden days! Retro Hollywood hairstyles never fail to captivate the observers as they remind of the charming hairdos and the classically bold makeup of our favorite actresses from the 70’s and 80’s. Old Hollywood Curls were the trendiest of that time. Keeping their inevitable charm in mind, Hollywood actresses today are also trying old Hollywood curls in a variety of ways with attires ranging from traditional to the most contemporary ones. Below are 18 celebrity looks that you would love to try with your old Hollywood curls on:

1. Simple Glossed Hollywood Curls


This Hollywood beauty looks gorgeous with her brown glossed loose Hollywood curls that are enhanced by her matte lip color. She is carrying a soft gold attire that gives Emma Stone a subtle edge of classiness.

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2. Medium Length Defined Hollywood Curls


Reese is wearing quite simple yet beautifully retro old Hollywood curls with softer makeup. Both are going great with her modern attire.

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3. Vintage Old Hollywood Curls


Here is another way of carrying old Hollywood curls in a vintage way. You can try on a pretty headpiece with gemstones, diamonds or pearls to complete your vintage outlook.

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4. Side Swept Hollywood Curls


Just try these curls all on one side with a deep side part. Some traditional stone jewelry will do the rest of the magic.

Image credit: pinterest.com

5. Loosely Hanging Old Hollywood Curls


Try these with some matte smoky makeup.

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6. Modern Variants of Old Hollywood Curls


Here you can see 4 different ways to carry your Old Hollywood Curls with your modern-day attire.

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7. Tightly Packed Defined Hollywood Curls


These blonde Hollywood curls are made to mesmerize the onlookers with their charming definition.

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8. Half-Pinned Hollywood Curls


This is a simple one for a quick party hairdo.

Image credit: pinterest.com

9. Retro Red Hollywood Curls


These red Hollywood curls are a must try with a full fringe.

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10. Curls on the Ends


With a deep side part and curls on the ends, this look will also dazzle everyone.

Image credit: pinterest.com

11. Old Hollywood Pin Curls


Show off your craziness for the classic Hollywood hairdos with these crazy pin curls.

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12. Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Curls


Embrace the irresistible charm of this classic beauty with her unique Hollywood curls complemented by shimmery attire and dark-toned makeup.

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13. Puffy, Big Hollywood Curls


Make them voluminous for extra attraction.

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14. Curls with a Chignon


Just turn your hair into beautiful Hollywood curls and tie them up into a classy chignon for a sophisticated look.

Image credit: pinterest.com

15. Old Hollywood Curls for Shorter Hair


You can opt for these stacked Hollywood curls if you have shorter hair. The traditional jewelry as shown below will enhance your grace.

Image credit: pinterest.com

16. Bubbly Hollywood Curls


If you are up for some funky and girly look, try these bouncy Hollywood curls with the addition of a rose on one side.

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A little formal variation of these bubbly curls is as follows:

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17. Short Bob with Hollywood-Style Curls


If you are already carrying short bob with long bangs, then give them these sort of Hollywood curls

Image credit: pinterest.com

18. Vintage Roll with Pin Curls


Nothing more needs to be said about this eye-catching style. The image explains it all.

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