18 Classic Witch Tattoos To Steal Your Breath Away

In the tattoo world, Witch Tattoos have been among the most coveted ones always. These tattoos are also the oldest ones you can think of being available to the layman. However, with the passage of time, Witch Tattoos have evolved tremendously and today you can find a wide variety of these tattoos to suit your taste. Below are some classic Witchy Tattoos ideas to try:

1. The Enchantress

black-grey witch tattoo on thigh

This tattoo style personifies the true essence of witchcraft i.e., the power to enchant everyone.

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2. Realistic Witch Tattoo

witch portrait tattoo on sleeve

With this tattoo, you can surely bring the witch to life.

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3. Witch and the Cat

black cat witch in moon dress leg tattoo

This tattoo idea is simple but spooky enough to be tried by the witchy tattoo lovers.

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4. Witch and the Bats

black ink witch tattoo with bats on back

It is a combo that never fails. It will also work great as a Witch Tattoo.

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5. The Dancing Witch

small black witch tattoo on sleeve

You can try the mellifluous side of the witch with this dancing witch tattoo.

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6. A Witch from the Past

Black Silhouette Witch Tattoo on back

This witch tattoo with the year mentioned is a classic way to depict the long history of witches.

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7. Simplistic Witch Tattoo

Carrier Night Witch Tattoo on thigh

If you don’t want something too witchy, then simply wear some related insinuations as a witchy tattoo ideas.

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8. Animated Witch Tattoo

Color Ink Cartoon Witch Tattoo

For a more colorful and animated Witchy Tattoo idea, you can go with this one.

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9. Witch with a Pumpkin

Haloween town witch tattoo

Imagine wearing this tattoo on Halloween. There won’t be anything better.

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10. The Wizard Witch

Wizard of Oz Green Face Witch tattoo

Why not try the visual of male-dominated witchcraft with this Witch Tattoo?

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11. The Evil Witch

gypsy halloween witch tattoo on inner arm

This one is a must to try when it comes to Witchy Tattoos.

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12. Witch Tattoo Variation

fantasy witch woman sleeve tattoo

This is another way you can present the enchantress on your full arm.

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13. The Burning Witch

Burning witch ankle tattoo

There can be nothing more terrifying than a witch in flames.

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14. The Broom and the Wand

small witch wand wrist tattoos

For the lovers of small witchy tattoos, this one will serve the purpose.

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15. The Simpsons Witch

cute simpsons maggie witch thigh tattoo

This one is a cute witch tattoo inspired from “The Simpsons Family”. It will be a true eye-catcher.

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16. Artistic Wizard Of Oz Witch Tattoo

artistic wizard of oz witch tattoo

It is more than just a tattoo as it has a complete story in it.

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17. The Maleficent Witch

Maleficent Tattoo design on thigh

Remember the movie “Maleficent”? This Witch Tattoo will help you relive the charisma of that beautiful witch in the movie.

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18. The Bewitched Tattoo

cute small bewitched tattoo design

It is a simple yet trendy way to wear a witch tattoo.

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