19 Cute Haircut Ideas 2017 for Long Hair

Long hair is a style statement in itself, with length to define your hair texture, you can confidently carry your long hair with confidence. But to add some uniqueness to your attire, consider styling your long hair into some pretty hairstyles that go with the mood of your occasion. For easing your way through this process, we have lined up 19 cute haircut ideas for long hair below:

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1. Long Layers

Kate Middleton long layered haircut

To start with, prefer the medium-length long layers for a simple yet sophisticated look like Kate Middleton is carrying here.

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2. Stepped Cut

rihanna stepped cut long hair

If you have straight hair, then try the stepped cut with center parting. Keep your hair straight or blow dry it to highlight the steps.

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3. Polished Waves

jourdan dunn long hair

As an alternative to the plain, straight, and long hair, give your hair a neat trim or cut it into layers, get it glossed from your hair expert, and give it a wavy touch to end up having stunningly glossy waves.

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4. Thick Bangs

naomi campbell long hair

If you want to keep it simple while making the change visible, just have your front hair cut into bangs of any sort.

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5. Feather Cut

long feather haircut

Like this pretty lady in the image below, feather cut looks really trendy if done correctly. If you love the length of your hair, then consider blow-drying with thick and thin round brushes for achieving the feathery look.

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Below is another way you can embrace the feathery haircut. It will be more eye-catching with blonde hair.

Southern Belle long hair

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6. Two-length layers

nicollette sheridan long hair

In this variant of layers, hair is cut into layers of two different sizes. Shorter layers are more likely to be near the cheek bones for framing the face.

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7. Round Layers with Tight Curls

Zendaya tight curls long hair

For beauties having curly hair, round layers will add the magic desired to your look.

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8. Haphazard Layers

martha hunt long haircut

These messy layers will need the least effort to style. You can just wash your hair and leave the hair open; you will have your style ready as your hair dries.

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9. Tapered Ends

gisele bundchen long haircut

With this haircut, you will have your coveted hair texture.

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10. Chunky, Choppy Layers

joan smalls cute long haircut

Give the layers a messy, graduating look with a center part as your next party hairdo.

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11. Snippy Ends

jessica alba long haircut

Jessica Alba here is carrying beautiful straight hair with alternatingly deep and shallow ends; a great layered result.

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12. Classic Cut

cute long haircut ideas

This one comes with straightened mane with layered tips.

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13. Chiseled Layers

brunette long haircut ideas

Another great variant of layers is at your service.

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14. Dye it Up!

long bang haircut

Dying your long hair to your favorite color is sometimes all you need for changing your look.

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15. Highlights

long haircut ideas

For enlivening your entire hair outlook, add highlights of various spicy colors to your layered hair.

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16. Long Bob

long bob haircut

This bob variation is to die for.

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17. Shagged Haircut

long haircut

With an intense shag, your long hair will look wondrous.

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18. V-Shaped Haircut

straight v hairstyle long haircut

Add to your innocence with this simple V-shaped haircut.

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19. Straight Tops Them All!

long straight haircut

And last but not the least, a simple straight haircut might work the best for your purpose owing to its suavity.

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