12 Best 1950 Men’s Hairstyles

1950’s men hairstyle is still popular nowadays. It is noticed that 1950’s men’s haircuts were mostly short as it is most preferred and it can be never out of date. Crew cuts and wet look hairstyle is originated from 1950’s men’s hairstyle as it gives a neat and smooth look and people can never forget the famous actors of 1950s specially Elvis parsley for his hairstyles, so 1950’s men’s haircuts have made a comeback and youngsters are adopting vintage hairstyles.

The following are the men’s hairstyles of the 1950’s.

1. The basic pompadour 1950’s men’s hairstyle

basic pompadour 1950’s men’s hairstyle

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One of the most famous 1950’s men’s haircuts is the regular pompadour which is kept by most of the businessman and it doesn’t require more maintenance.You just need to put a reasonable quantity of gel with fingers and lift your hair upward with a comb to give a puffy look.

2. 1950’s men’s hair with ducktail

50s ducktail men's hair

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One of the 50’s fashion hairstyle is the ducktail cut, this cut requires that a man should comb his hair towards the center back of his head with a sufficient amount of gel. As you know that there were no blow dryers in the 1950s so to make this hairstyle long lasting you have to use a good amount of grease.

3. 1950’s men’s hairstyle with side parting

1950’s men’s hairstyle side parting

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One of the 1950’s men’s hairstyle names includes side parting haircut which has a decent look. None of the 1950’s haircut male is simplest than this one. You just need to comb your hair with side parting and for a smoother look, you can use grease on your hair.

4. More 1950’s men’s hairstyle names include butch haircut and flattop haircut

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The difference between these two haircut is that in butch cut the sides of the head are trimmed equally and the top is rounded, these haircuts are adopted by the people who join armed forces and the flat top haircut is entirely different in which the sides are trimmed close to head and the top hair is kept little bit longer.

5. 1950’s male haircut shoulder length

1950's shoulder length haircut

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1950’s men hairstyle includes this cut for the ones who like long hair, it suits mostly on the square-shaped face and people with thick hair texture kept these hairstyles.

6. 1950’s men’s haircuts for curly hair

1950’s men’s haircuts for curly hair

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This 1950’s haircut male is a good option for men with curly hair. You just need to use your finger to set your curly hair on the side parting.

7. 50’s fashion hairstyle “the Quiff”

1950's men the quiff haircut

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This 1950’s men’s haircut looks good on young guys, slightly comb your hair upwards and you are ready to go anywhere with this dashing look.

8. 1950’s men’s haircut faded style

1950’s men’s fade haircut

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This style suits mostly on round faces. This faded hairstyle with undercut requires a good amount of gel and the hair is lifted upward with a comb in a wavy style.

9. Men’s hairstyle of the 1950’s include Dracula style cut

1950’s dracula style haircut

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This 1950’s men’s haircut got fame from the movie “Dracula” as the name of the haircut is derived from it. This actor Bela Lugosi had this hairstyle that suits his character in the movie.

10. 1950’s haircut male with a wavy short hairstyle

1950’s  short wavy hairstyle

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This haircut was also one of the famous men’s hairstyles of the 1950s and this style needs a side parting with a hair lifted with a comb in a wavy pattern.

11. 1950’s men’s hairstyles names include ivy league haircut

1950's classic ivy league haircut

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This is one of the most high-status and classic hairstyles of men in the 1950’s.

12. 1950’s men’s regular haircuts

1950’s men’s regular haircut

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This 1950’s hairstyle is also a style statement of today’s modern men and most of the men in 190’s wore this haircut.

So the style of 1950’s men’s hairstyle is still followed nowadays because of its neat and smart look. The 1950’s haircut will be remembered and wear for all times to come.

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