20 Calligraphy Print T-Shirts Design For Nike

Calligraphy is the most intimate, personal, spontaneous form of expression. Like a fingerprint or a voice, it is unique for each person. Sparkling stroke Pushkin, painfully elegant handwriting, impetuous, full of inner power and strength, state at the time of the creative process. Letters exchanged between the representatives of science and art since the Renaissance, is now perceived original works of art.

The handwriting, personal font – a kind of diagram, graphic formula of every person, “Geometry of the soul,” as Plato said. Beautiful, clear and legible writing – an essential feature of cultural communication. Even during normal conversation, we are trying to say if not beautiful then at least understandable moderately fast, without swallowing the words and sounds. Today We will inspire you with prints for T-shirts from Nike Studio in Portland, USA. Drawings made in the style of calligraphy by best Nike designers. Get one for Your self for Olympics!

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