20 Cheap DIY Cute Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a kind of event for which everyone is so much obsessed about his/her looks. If we start looking for the cheap diy couple costumes, we will end up with a variety of cute ideas that will be unique in their kind and bit trendy. Keeping in mind the craze of looking unusual, we have arranged the list of Halloween couples costumes which will be helpful for those who want to celebrate this Halloween with their dear ones.

1. Cute Russell and Balloon House

cheap diy couples halloween costume

This is one of the cute costumes for the Halloween couple which is opted from the famous movie “UP”. This costume gives the massage of sincerity and shows the love in couple as depicted in the film characters.

“Love is in the air”

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2. Surgeon with Operating Board

diy cute Surgeon with Operating Board halloween costume

Well here we come with this is the unique couple outfit. As we all know a surgeon and operating board will always mandatory for each other. Couple wearing this costume for Halloween will seems to be very special as compare to other traditional ones.

“Incomplete without you”

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3. Yummy Oreo

diy cute funny Oreo cookies halloween costume

Yummy Oreo!!! This idea for Halloween dress is best for the couple to show their bond for each other like chocolate biscuit and yes it’s a guarantee this is best ever appetizing costume for Halloween.

“True bond”

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4. Pokémon lovers

diy cute funny Pokemon couples halloween costume

Here we come with the costume idea for the Pokémon fans. On Halloween the couple as a Pikachu and Ash will definitely make jealous to the others for being such a cute couple.

“Together we are best”

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5. Elf

diy cute couples halloween costume

This Halloween couple costume is inspired by the film characters of Jovie. The ELF getup for both partners seems to be very delightful and remind us the elf’s love shown in the film.

“Cuteness overloaded”

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6. Dalmatians and Firemen

diy cute-funny Dalmatians and Firemen Halloween costume

As the other Halloween dresses are in combination with each other. This dress of Dalmatians and Firemen seems to very different and in contrast with each other.


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7. Elliot and Gertie Characters

cute Elliot and Gertie Characters Halloween costume for couples

Another costume for Halloween event inspired by the characters of film E.T. Elliot and Gertie Characters looking sweet by holding toys in hands.

“Simply sweet”

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8. Mexican Themed Halloween costume

DIY cute-Funny Unique Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

This costume is inspired by the Mexican theme. This is the Piñata couple costume idea for Halloween appears to be very classical.

“Traditional and classy”

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9. Winnie the pooh…Couple Halloween costume

DIY cute-Funny Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

This is the wonderful couple idea for the Halloween. Winnie the Pooh being a pregnant with Christopher Robin looking all time eye-catching.

“Made for each other”

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10. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

DIY cute-Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for couples

This is such a lovely Halloween Couple Costume Idea. This couple is showing the magic of love between the peter pan and tinkerbell. This couple looks like a couple of fantasy.

“World of Fantasy”

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11. Hunter and deer

Hunter and deer Halloween costume for couples

This is kind of wild costume for the couple at the Halloween. The Hunter and the Prey is looking unique and hot as compare to the traditional sweet love couples.

“I caught you”

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12. Aladdin’s inspired Halloween costume

DIY cute Funny character Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s great to see the childhood cartoon characters costumes. Aladdin and princess appear to be bit hot together.

“Love and magic all together” 

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13. Mermaid and captain

DIY cute unique Halloween Costumes for couples

This is called think different. The mermaid and ship captain costume for the Halloween is looking very creative and eye catching, giving a view of oceanic style romance.

“Sea water and thoughts”

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14. Mr. and Miss. Cat

DIY cute Funny Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

This is called inspiration. Here we come up with Mr. and Miss. Cat costumes which are looking very trendy and stylish.

“Perfectly styled”

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15. Popeye costumes

cute lovely Characters Halloween costume for couples

Here is another cartoon inspired costume. Looking very unique and give us the glimpse of our childhood era.

“Popeye the sailor man:

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16. Ms. Frizzle & The Magic School Bus

cute Funny Halloween costume

A man with a car costume for Halloween and lady in casual dress, appeals very interesting and funny as well.

“Can you give me lift”

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17. Tooth fairy’s with dentist


This costumes showing the best combination for couples by taking an idea from a fantasy. Tooth fairy and dentist both together are complementing each other.


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18. All Time Lovely Halloween costume

diy cute couples halloween costumes

This is our all time favorite couple costume idea. Mickey and Minnie together on Halloween seems classy and all time lovely.

“Made for each other”

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19. Pizza Slice and Delivery Boy

halloween cute costumes for couples

What a different idea for the couple costume for Halloween. Simply distinctive.

“Pizza lovers”

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20. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Romantic Couple Halloween costume

Mr. and Mrs. Smith inspired costume for the couple is looking very romantic and dreamy. Ideal dress for lovely but stubborn couples.


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