20 Crazy Girl Costumes for Halloween Ready to Catch All the Attention

Halloween is a time of excitement for everyone, irrespective of age and gender. Just like boys, girls have their unique agendas to follow Halloween day. For that, they have specific costumes lined up that express it all effortlessly. But for making the costume selection process a breeze for you, below are some magnificent girl costume ideas for Halloween:

1. Undead Walker Zombie

1-Crazy Halloween Costumes for Girls

Zombie-style is always in fashion. This costume will put you in a mood of feeling like a real Zombie.

2. Dark Princess

2-Crazy Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Personify the darkness of the Halloween night with this Dark Princess costume.

3. Creepy Scarecrow


Dress up as a scary scarecrow and scare everyone coming your way to make them remember this day forever.

4. Possessed Girl

4-Amazing Halloween Costumes for Girls

Trick your friends by acting possessed in this creepy costume.

5. Graveyard Bride

5-Best Halloween Costumes for Girls

Remind your companions of the scariest bride from the movie “Bride” with this graveyard bride costume.

6. Prom Corpse

6-Top Halloween Costumes for Girls

Girls love to style up on every occasion. If you want something stylish and modern to wear on Halloween, then this outfit will be a perfect pick.

7. Haunting Beauty Ghost

7-Inspiring Halloween Costumes for Girls

For a ghostly feel, the costume given below will create the true magic.

8. Brown Werewolf

8-Spooky Halloween Costumes for Girls

Bring the animal inside you out this Halloween with this werewolf attire.

9. Haunted Pirate

9-Scary Halloween Costumes for Girls

For those who are big fans of pirates, this costume is a sure Halloween treat.

10. Zomberina

10-Awesome Halloween Costumes for Girls

This costume combines a haunted ballerina look with a unique zombie touch.

11. Gothic Vampira

11-Halloween Costumes for Girls

Try on this magnificent gown signifying the Gothic persona and add some fake vampire teeth to enhance the horror.

12. Coffin Queen Vampire

12-Happy Halloween Costumes for Girls

Unshroud the Coffin Queen Vampire and stun everyone with this look.

13. The Dead Doll

13-Evil Halloween Costumes for Girls

This costume is bound to give nightmares. Kids will throw away their dolls after experiencing the terror of ‘The Dead Doll’.

14. The Damaged Doll

14-Terrifying Halloween Costumes for Girls

Here is another variation in the haunted doll attire.

15. Voodoo Doll

15-Horror Halloween Costumes for Girls

Scared of Black Magic? Do something even scarier by trying the Voodoo doll attire.

16. Sally

16-Scary Movies Inspired Halloween Costumes for Girls

Don’t forget to try the creepy ‘Sally’ costume from the ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.

17. Wednesday from Adam’s Family

17-Movie Character Inspired Halloween Costumes for Girls

Among the pioneer animated horror shows, Adam’s Family holds a renowned spot. Girls can spark up their Halloween with Adam’s Family’s ‘Wednesday’ costume.

18. Day of the Dead Costume

18-Top Scary Movie Halloween Costumes for Girls

This colorful yet spooky costume is also worth a try.

19. Night Wing Devil

19-Best Character Halloween Costumes for Girls

All the evil comes from the devil. So here is the simplest devil costume you can wear.

20. Skeleton Tutu Dress

20-Halloween Costumes for Girls

Skeleton attire and spooky makeup are true game-changers.

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