20 DIY Last Minute Creative-Clever Halloween Costume Ideas For 2023

The days are passing and Halloween is coming nearer and nearer. The main thing is are you ready for the Halloween party, the theme is selected, the dress is ready, or are you still waiting for some kind of miracle to happen on last moment. If this is a case than come out of your day dreams and start working on your costume because you will blink and Halloween will be here.

Collecting the ideas for your unique and amazing costume is no more a problem because we have a long list of clever Halloween costume ideas 2023 for your last minute preparation.

1. Genie from Aladin

Genie from Aladin halloween costume ideas

Where everyone around you are dressing in something unique and different than why should you left behind. The most clever and amazing idea for Halloween costume is to dress up as genie from Aladin movie. Dressup, go and spread your magic.

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2. Spider woman


Getting dressup is not so easy task but it is not so difficult as well. You can dressup elegantly yet following the Halloween theme. The spider web theme costume is for your quick and decent dressing for the party.

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3. Simba makeup

Simba from lion king makeup theme for Halloween

If you are good in  makeup and really want to show everyone your makeup skills in to party than go for this Simba from lion king makeup theme for Halloween. The matching dress and the perfect makeup will rock together.

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4. Doll


When every other girl is eager to dress up as a Barbie doll for Halloween than be the clever one and dress up like the old dolls that used to move with key behind them.

Image source

5. Trashcan man

creative trashman halloween costume ideas

There are many different and clever ideas for the Halloween party but if you really want to rock it and amaze everyone with your creativity as well as confidence than here is the best option, dress like a trashcan.

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6. The robot

the robot creative halloween costume idea pinterest

Who want to the human when you can be a robot? Yes it’s not a big deal neither it’s so much difficult. So why not leave the humans behind and be the robot.

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7. Colgate lady

Colgate lady diy last minute halloween costume idea

When it’s the last minute preparation, you are low on budget but still want to be different among others than definitely go for this costume. Yes become a Colgate lady and amaze everyone with your cleverness.

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8. Vege

diy Peas and Carrots Baby-Toddler halloween Costumes ideas

If you want that your kids stand out among others on Halloween than go for these cute costumes. Carrot and pea costumes will bring the title of cuteness definitely to your kinds.

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9. KFC

diy clever kids last minute halloween costume

Bring the love for fried chicken out and display it to everyone on Halloween. This is as simple as it seems just by dressing up in the KFC theme costume and don’t forget to hold the fried chicken basket.

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10. Bunny

Clever couples Halloween Costume

Want the less expensive yet the clever idea to match others on Halloween than go for this bunny theme costume along with your partner.

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11. Cake Princess

clever kids halloween costume ideas

Leave the regular princesses and Barbie behind and be something unique and different. The cake princess is the best and most delicious option for your little girl’s theme costume.

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12. Popcorn Lady

diy last minute awesome halloween costume ideas

When life gives you option than become the popcorn lady. The easy yet clever costume idea for your party on the last minute.

Image source

13. Taco Girl

diy cool halloween costume ideas

If the food is your main interest than show your real foodie side and be the taco girl of the town.

Image source

14. Tea Bag

diy Tea bag halloween costume

Pour your love for tea and dress in it. Yes the best costume idea for tea lovers is to dress like a tea. And why go for tea cup or tea pot when you can easily become the tea bag.

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15. Nerds

cute geeks halloween costume ideas

Nerd costume will give you and your partner a completely different look for this Halloween party and theses colorful wigs do the additional charm to your looks.

Image source

16. Snapchat

social tags halloween costume ideas

Now a day’s social media became a very essential part of everyone’s lives than why not apply this important thing in the Halloween costume. Bring the snapchat filters into reality and socialize your party.

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17. Snow Globe

Snow Globe creative kids costume idea for halloween

Halloween is all about bring out your cleverness and creativity and you can give it the whole next level just by following the snow globe theme. Yes dress as a snow globe and globe through the party.

Image source

18. Mr. and Mrs. Potato


You along your partner can still dress in a movie character theme and yes except the prince and princess. You can be the Mr. and Mrs. Potato from the toy story movie.

Image source

19. Ghostbuster

ghostbuster creative clever halloween costume idea

Its Halloween than dress like it and be the ghost buster of the night and don’t forget to bring your ghost along otherwise it will be no fun.

Image source

20. Jack and Jill

creative Couples Costumes for Halloween - Jack and Jill

Remember the poem? Then why not implement it. be the jack and Jill from your old rhyme book and amaze others and don’t forget the water buckets.

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