20 Examples of Unusual QR Codes

QR-code(Quick Response) – is a matrix bar code have been developed by car manufacturer Toyota – the Japanese company Denso-Wave in 1994, the technology originally intended for use in the automotive industry, but later gained widespread distribution, and in other industries. QR-codes are graphic images that are formed by a special algorithm, which allows the scanner on a mobile device to recognize and process inherent in their information.

QR Codes on packages are mostly in black and white coloring and without any pinches, the design is not as simple with no space to imagine, subject or object- you can create extra-ordinary things, we have selected 20 examples of unusual qr codes for you to get inspiration and create your own from simple to complex codes to be used on anything you like e.g., as on t-shirts, bed-sheets, or maybe as your desktop wallpaper. Enjoy the codes!

Angry Birds

JESS3 ‘QR Code


Code is composed of a liquid and pumps

Animated code

Code compiled sludge lego cubes

Fruit code

Strange Emilli

Space Invaders

Eli Vasari


Wooden code



Chinese press

an abstract code

Warner Brothers Japan

Chocolate code

Paper Code

Cubic QR code

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