20 Mother and Daughter Matching Tattoos Designs Ideas

Tattoos have been a part of human history for centuries. They are used to express everything; emotions, thoughts, stories, and much more. People get tattoos of their loved ones to show them love and respect. If you and your mother want to get a matching pair of tattoos, here’s a list of 20 mother daughter tattoos that you can get yourself inked with.

1. Matching Puzzle Piece

matching puzzle piece tattoo

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The puzzle piece tattoo consists of two tattoos containing one puzzle piece each. These puzzle pieces fit perfectly into one another and show how a mother and daughter complete each other perfectly.

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2. Infinity Heart Tattoo

Infinity Heart Tattoos

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The infinity heart tattoo is a matching tattoo for the mother and the daughter. It is inked on the back of both mother and daughter to show the eternal and never ending love and respect between them.

3. I Love You

i love you tattoos

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This tattoo writes “I Love You” in sign language where the pinky finger makes an ‘I’ and the index and thumb make the ‘L’ which stands for love. The palm is designed as a heart and the whole tattoo says I Love You in sign language.

4. Giraffe Tattoo Designs

giraffe tattoo designs

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The mother giraffe takes care of the child giraffe without the help of the father. This design shows the caring nature of the mother towards her daughter through this tattoo.

5. Tin Can Tattoo

Tin Can Tattoo

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The tin can tattoo is a half tattoo that is completed only by joining the mother’s half with the daughter’s. This symbolizes how a mother and daughter complete each other. It also symbolizes the supporting nature of a mother as she listens to everything her daughter has to say.

6. Anchor Tattoo

anchor with rope tattoo

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The matching anchor tattoo shows how mother and daughter are anchors in each other’s life. It is a great way to show love and support to each other through matching anchor tattoos.

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7. The Honey Bee Tattoo

Honey Bee Tattoo

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The honey bee tattoo is a symbol of the hard work and effort a mother does to raise her daughter. It is a matching tattoo which is meant for both; the mother and the daughter.

8. Three Leaf Clover

3 leaf clover tattoo

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The 3 leaf cover tattoo is a mother daughter tattoo consisting of 3 hearts as the leaves of the clover. It is a matching tattoo which the mother and daughter can get on their wrists.

9. Her Daughter, Her Mother

her mother her daughter tattoo

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Although this tattoo is simple, it shows how a mother and daughter care for each other by getting a tattoo that is completed only when it is joined with its other half.

10. The Lock and Key

mother daughter lock and key tattoos

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The lock and key mother daughter tattoo shows how the mother and daughter open up each other in all situations of life. It also shows the supporting nature of a mother for her daughter.

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11. You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

mother daughter you are my sunshine tattoos

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This mother daughter tattoo shows the love between mother and daughter through the famous saying, “You are my sunshine”. This means how both mother and daughter lighten up the lives of each other.

12. Like Mother, Like Daughter

like mother like daughter tattoos

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The Like Mother Like Daughter tattoo is another mother daughter tattoo to show the resemblance and love between a mother and a daughter. The tattoo can be as simple as keeping the text or it can also have other figures tattooed with it.

13. I Love You, I Love You More!

i love you i love you more tattoo

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The tattoo says, “I love you, mama” on the daughter’s part while the mother’s part says, “I love you more” with two birds. This tattoo shows the undying expression of love between a mother and a daughter.

14. The Semi-Colon Butterfly Tattoo

semicolon butterfly tattoo

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Semi-colons are used to continue a sentence just when it is supposed to end. The semi-colon butterfly tattoo shows the support a mother and daughter have for each other and how they help each other to continue their lives.

15. And We Learn as We Age

compass watch tattoo

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This tattoo gives a deep message from the mother to her daughter. It says, “And we learn as we age” divided in 2 parts. The mother or daughter can have any part of the tattoo they wish.

16. Heart with wings and Anchor Tattoo

heart and anchor tattoo

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The heart with wings and anchor mother daughter tattoo says, “you are the wings keeping my heart in the clouds” while the second part says,” you are the anchor keeping my feet on the ground”. The tattoo can say other things too but the wings and anchor remain the same for all quotes. This shows the relation of love and support between a mother and daughter.

17. The Wing Heart Tattoo

heart with angel wings tattoo

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The wing heart tattoo consists of two wings which when brought together, form a heart. One wing is on the mother’s body while the second one is on the daughter’s. These tattoos are mostly inked on the palms or on the foot so they can be matched together.

18. Matching Feather Tattoos

mother daughter feather tattoos

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This feather mother daughter tattoo consists of one feather on each of the recipients. The tattoo clearly distinguishes between the mother and daughter by the phrases, “her mother” and,” her daughter”.

19. The Two Elephant Tattoo

two elephant tattoo

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The two elephant tattoo consists of two elephants on bodies of both; the mother and the daughter. Both elephants are holding each other with their trunks in which one is the mother while the other one is the daughter.This holding of trunk shows love between the two pairs.

20. Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Tattoo

winnie the pooh and piglet tattoos

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The Winnie the Pooh and Piglet tattoos with Winnie on the mother’s body and the piglet on the daughter’s. The first part of the tattoo says ‘even if we’re apart’ while the second one says, ‘I’ll always be with you’. The Winnie the Pooh tattoo is surely meant to show love between mother and daughter.

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