20 Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017 for Men that No Guy Should Miss!

When there is so much trendiness in hairstyles for women, then why should men stay behind? In 2017, the top most means of flaunting the manly flare are the popular slicked back hairstyles. Since their inception, these tremendously stylish haircuts have got countless variations to suit every type of face cut, complexion, and the overall personality. Add a revolutionary slicked back look to your hair this year with some of the men’s slicked back hairstyles for 2017 pointed out below:

1. Salt and Pepper Slick Back

1 Men Slicked Back Hairstyles for 2017

This slicked back haircut combines a longer top with shaved sides. It is recommended specifically for the guys with beard as they can make their face cut more prominent with this hairstyle.

2. Smoldered Slick Back

2 Men Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017

With a striking balance between the haired areas and the ones without hair, this haircut creates a classy look.

3. Vintage Taper

3-Men Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017

With this simple yet trendy hairstyle, you can attend any formal gathering with a stylish flare or can carry it casually as well.

4. Slick Back on Fine Hair

4-Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017 for men

This one is a smooth slicked back look with sides shaved in a graduating manner. Every portion is neatly blended with the others.

5. Wavy Slick Back

5-Slicked Back Hairstyles For Men

Men with wavy hair can try this one in sheer style.

6. Tightly Slicked Back

6-Men Slicked Back Hairstyles

This tightly slicked back hairstyle is to bring out your real personality.

7. Sophisticated Slick Back

7-Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017

Men of all ages can opt for this slick back hairstyle that puts all hair into a gelled hairdo.

8. Afro Slick Back

8-Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017 For Men

With this hairstyle, you can have a voluminous, high slick back.

9. Long Slick Back

9-Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017 Men

All the men with longer hair can instantly make their appearance more organized with this quick slick back.

10. Slicked Back Mohawk

10-Slicked Back Hairstyles For Men

Here we have the most unusual slick back. It features an unusually high fade with long hair, all slicked back resulting in a hairy cap sitting on top of the head.

11. Printed Mohawk

11-Slicked Back Hairstyles Men

Here we present an intricate Mohawk with fade slicked back in an irregular way. On sides, you can see hair shaved to create designs.

12. Wavy Slick Back Part 2

12-Slicked Back Hairstyle 2017

Here is another cool choice for the men with wavy hair.

13. Hipster Slick Back

13-Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017 For Men

This image gives you the most chic combo of Mohawk and Slick Back with varying black and white hair tones.

14. Slick Back with Spiked Front Bangs

14-Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017

This is a normal slick back spiced up with spiked front bangs having a slight slick back, too.

15. Retro Slick Back

15-Slicked Back Hairstyle For Men

For a retro look, slick all your hair back tightly with the crown area a little higher.

16. Man Bun and Slick Back

16-Slicked Back Hair

This one is a Man Bun coming from a Mohawk along with a centralized slick back.

17. Rough Slick Back

17-Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017 For Men

For long and wavy hair, get a wet look and slick it all back for achieving this hairdo.

18. Modern Slick Back

18-Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017 For Men

This one is bound to give you a tidier look while maintaining your elegant persona.

19. Double Braid Mohawk

19-Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017 For Men

Although it’s another Mohawk, but its stylishly slicked back portion is the point to be noted!

20. High Fade Slick Back

Slicked Back Hairstyles 2017 For Men

The final one is the slick back with a higher fade that gives a combed and organized look.



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