20+ Stunning Examples of Infrared Photography Portraits

Infrared Photography gives an other view of seeing the world, photographers gets bored with the traditional ways of photo shoots and want to try different ways to see thing which are not available to our eyes. Infrared photography shots are false-color and may seem out of order but as you start seeing it- the realities of outer space come real with these black & White surreal potraits.

Capturing things unusal is a dream of any photographer, infrared is a technique to highlight the rays of wavelength that are impossible for human eye, it was first used in 1800 by astronomers. Infrared Camera’s are IR Models which are expensive to experiment, we have selected more than 20 stunning examples of infrared photography portraits for your inspiration to see the world in Infrared, hope you will enjoy the portraits!

Infrared Portrait by White Dog Science

 Ana Victoria by Flor Blake

Body Adornment by viperdog

The Living Years by Kate Davies

Infrared World by Lucas Cavalheiro

 Infrared People by Scott James

Princesa do gelo by Bruna Marchioro

Angry Mood by KonczeyZsolt

Who’s That Lady by ekillian

Hot Air Balloons by La-Vita-a-Bella

Miuki Madelaire by `Vorfas

Wedding Day by jeje62

Infrared Bubbles by parablev

Tammy Halbig by Romulo Lubachesky

Extra Ordinaire by brumie

 Castle at Disney World by hal9k

Winter Wedding Wonderland by child-of-odin

seduto sulla vita by grenouille ph.

Infrared Sunset by KonczeyZsolt

Straw bale by DimensionSeven

A Smile of an Angel by dewanggapratama

 Distance by dewanggapratama

The Damsel by dewanggapratama

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