25 Beautiful Short Angled Bob with Bangs Haircuts

Short angled bob with bangs is the only haircut that fixes the look on any hair type and suits every face shape. Give your personality a beautiful and an amazing mix. Not only facial features depicts your personality but the hairstyle also highlights many features about your nature.

When the summer is actually here, the trend of bob hairstyle is very much in fashion in these days. The style of bob hair cut started when the women of second century followed the trends of hair fashions.  Yes, it is true that bobbed hair trend has been reborn many times all over these years.

Before having the celebrity looks such as short angled bob with bangs, it is best to know its significance in fashion. In old times, women who used to drive ambulances had bob haircut because of convenience and sanitation reasons. However, many women serving in civil or performing military duties adopt the short angled bob with bangs to highlight themselves as practical and youthful personality.

The Bob hairstyle was termed as Page Bob or Dutch because many women and girls were trying to lock their appearance with this haircut. You will not believe that it was most expensive haircut, which priced five dollars in the past. It is true that hair plays a major role in shaping your personality especially when you are working women.

Classic Bob is indeed a timeless haircut that is easy to worn by women of every age. The cut is considered fresh and yet modern. The fabulous haircut can be customized to match your personality. So, whether you are working women, trend setter, rocker girl or wants to set a statement with the inspiring short bobs and standout your appearance even in a crowd.

With the modern trend, the demand for stylists and hair dressers is growing. For a better short angled bob with bangs, it is essential to reach out to the best hair dresser who will cut and shape your hair in an actual way. We cannot deny the fact that hair dressers perform a highly essential role in beauty. Their expert’s methods and techniques of hair shaping and cutting surely will grab the attention of many customers so for a perfect short angled bob with bangs look, get a cut from successful hairdresser.

So are you ready to chop your hair off? Get short, long, textured or even layered bob of your choice because bob cut lets you be a certain beauty. You can try out any of rainbow colors that are actually in fashion. Pink, blue, violet, teal, neon color or any pastel shade works well with this cut and style comfortably. Short hair owns many advantages such as;

  • They are easy to manage.
  • Short hair looks trendy for more time.
  • Easy to stay in style.
  • Provides great flexibility and versatility.
  • You can achieve inspiring haircuts anytime.

Following are some real life inspiring gathered for our readers that you would surely adore. The best short angled bob with bangs is truly an inspiration for many women.

Don’t forget to check other Short Haircuts:

1. Short angled bob with low lights

Short angled bob with low lights

Image: Instagram

2. Highlights Asymmetrical Angled Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

Image: Instagram

3. Intense, beautiful angled bob cut

beautiful angled bob cut

Image: Instagram

4. Blond contour bob style

bob haircut

Image: Instagram

5. Effortless Fiery Wavy Red

Effortless Fiery Wavy Red

Image: Instagram

6. Sleek and Sophisticated Look

Sleek and Sophisticated Look

Image: Instagram

7. Choppy textured Bob

Choppy textured Bob

Image: Instagram

8. Chic and thick fuller look

Chic and thick fuller look

Image: Instagram

9. Buttery golden blonde bob cut

Buttery golden blonde bob cut

Image: ElonSalon

10. Soft Wispy fringe bob hair style

Soft Wispy fringe bob hair style

Image: ElonSalon

11. Inspirational medium golden angled Bob

medium angled Bob

Image: Instagram

12. Unicorn Wavy Pastel curls


Image: Instagram

13. Stack back asymmetrical bob

balayage ombre ashy haircut

Image: Instagram

14. Balayage subtle highlights

Balayage subtle highlights

Image: Instagram

15. Voluminous angled bob cut

angled bob haircut

Image: Instagram

16. Super Stacked Angled bob

stacked angled bob haircut

Image: Pinterest

17. Medium Blonde angled hairstyles with bangs

angled hairstyle with bangs

Image: Pinterest

18. Sleek and beautiful bob cut

bob cut

Image: One little Momma

19. Purple Low lights bob haircut with bangs

angled bob

Image: Short haircut

20. Multi colored angled bob style

blunt angled bob

Image: Pinterest

21. Spectacular angled bob style

short angled bob haircut

Image: Pretty Designs

22. Short layered angled bob with bangs

short angled bob with bangs

Image: Right Hairstyles

23. classy graduated bob style

angled side part bob

Image: Coiffures

24. Practical bob Hairstyle

short flipped out bob haircut with fringe

Image: Short Hair Styles

25. Wavy hair texture bob idea

curly angled bob haircut

Image: Pinterest

All of these short angled bob with bangs styles are very appealing and they are worth trying. You can wear the style according to your desire. So stay in style.

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