25 Best Khmer Tattoos and Their Meanings

Khmer tattoos are more widely known as the Sak Yant tattoos. The people of Khmer in the South East Asian region believe that these tattoos have magical powers. Despite having magical powers, these tattoos are quite eye-catching. Each Khmer tattoo has its own distinct meaning and is said to possess its own distinct super power. These tattoos are not only based on symbols but they also contain a specific ‘magic spell’ embedded in them. If you’re thinking of getting yourself a Khmer tattoo, go through this list to see the 25 most used Khmer tattoos along with their meanings.

1. Sariga Koo Yant

The Sariga Koo Yant is also called the Yant of the ‘two love birds’. As the name suggests, the tattoo is used to increase attraction between two people. It is also said to grant powers to attract people and have an influence on them. The Sariga Koo Yant can be of great importance during job interviews and sales as both require convincement.

Yant Sariga Koo Twin love birds tattoo on ribs

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2. The Hongsa Yant

This yant consists of a swan bird. It is believed by the Thai people that Buddha, in his previous life, was a swan. The Hongsa Yant tattoo might consist of two swans. The bearer of this tattoo is said to have the ability to convince and persuade people easily.

hongsa sak yant swan birds tattoo

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3. The Tong Maharat

It is also known as the ‘Great Flag’. This tattoo is mostly used by stockbrokers and businessmen. The tattoo promotes mercy and also acts as a booster for one’s business. The Tong Maharat is also well known for its property of giving popularity to the wearer.

Sak Yant Tong Maharat yantra tattoo

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4. The Yant Suer Phen

The Yant Suer Phen is a tattoo with a tiger leaping forwards. It consists of a protection spell which makes the wearer immortal and impenetrable by any weapon.

Sak Yant Yantra Yant Suer Phen tattoo

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5. Yang Jong Ang Koo

The Yang Jong Ang Koo consists of two snakes looking in the opposite direction. The wearer of this tattoo will achieve great success in his life. Moreover, this tattoo grants the wearer greater authority over others.

immortal two snakes Yang Jong Ang Koo Tattoo design

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6. Yant Sing Thong

It is another authoritative magical tattoo. The Sing Thong tattoo consists of a lion holding a flag meaning ‘victory’. It signifies immortality and power over others. The wearer of this tattoo can defeat all of his enemies and become superior to everybody.

Yant Sing Thong lion tattoo

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7. The Mangkorn Bung Pai Tattoo

Mangkorn generally means a ‘dragon’ and the tattoo itself contains the picture of a dragon. The Mangkorn Bung Pai is another protector tattoo and is said to protect the wearer of the tattoo from all kinds of physical and mental dangers in his life.

Mangkorn Bung Pai sak yant dragon Tattoo

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8. The Ganesh

The Ganesh is also worshipped by the Hindus. With the head of an elephant, the Ganesh tattoo is a remover of obstacles. These obstacles can be referred to as obstacles in one’s life.

ganesh sak yant tattoo

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9. Hanuman Yant

The Hanuman is worshipped by many people of the Khmer region. Hanuman is often used as a symbol of devotion and strength. Hence, the tattoo grants the wearer strength and bravery.

hanuman sak yant tattoo

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10. The Payanakarach

The Payanakarach consists of 8 corners. This tattoo possesses the same properties as that of the MahaUd tattoo. It serves as a blockage for guns and other arms from harming you.

Payanakarach yantra sak yant naga god tattoo

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11. Yant Putsoorn

The Yant Putsoorn is also known as the yant of 5 Buddhas. This tattoo hosts a number of benefits. However, it is not much used these days.

Yant Putsoorn 5 Buddhas yantra tattoo

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12. The Pra Jao Haam Tukh

This tattoo is well known for opening one’s mind. This tattoo gives person the power over their own will and opens their mind to the world. Having this tattoo will let you see things without distractions and you will never fall for worldly illusions and desires.

Yant Pra Jao Haam Tukh Yantra of Lord Buddha tattoo

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13. The Yant Pra Pid Tawarn 

This Yant consists of an Ongk Pra tattoo in its center. Hence, it gives the benefits of the Ongk Pra along with its own benefits. The Pra Pid Tawarn Yant prevents a person from evil and also acts as a blocker for all harmful things. It protects from illness, harm, and danger from enemies.

Yant Pra Pid Tawarn buddhist tattoo symbol

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14. The Turtle Yant

The Turtlee is used for a number of purposes. It signifies good luck, health, and a long life. The fact that it’s a turtle is enough to justify its benefits as a turtle is well known for its long life and amphibian nature.

Turtle Yantra Sak Yant Thai Tattoo

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15. Suea Tiger Yant

The Suea Tiger yant consists of two tigers forming a kind of a circle. This tattoo is mostly seen on the bodies of fighters and soldiers. It gives them power over their peers.

Suea Tiger Yant tattoo

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16. The Gao Yord

Although the benefits of the Gao Yord aren’t personal, this tattoo allows a person to enter the legacy of the previous masters of the SakYant. By having this tattoo, a person pledges to be a disciple of the masters.

sak yant gao yord tattoo

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17. Na Hnaa Tong Yant

The Na Hnaa Tong Yant contains a number of different benefits. From attracting people in a friendly way to protecting the wearer from illness, this tattoo does it all. It also helps develop good relations in a business.

Na Hnaa Tong Yantra Golden Faced Na tattoo

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18. The Diamond Armour Yantra

As the name suggests, this tattoo gives a person the strength of a diamond. Having this tattoo will make you impenetrable and strong against your enemies. The tattoo also destroys your enemy through different ways. The tattoo is said to protect a person from all dangers.

diamond armour yantra tattoo

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19. Maha Rud

The Maha Rud comes in two different versions namely: Maha Rud Yai and Maha Rud Noi. The former is the larger version while the latter is the smaller version of the original Maha Rud. The tattoo signifies different things based on the position of the tattoo on the body. If one wants to influence the people of the higher class, he should get the tattoo on the right side of his body. The tattoo can also be etched onto an amulet and rubbed on the skin for the specific purpose.

Maha Rud Noi tattoo

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20. The Hah Taew Yant

The Hah Taew consists of 5 vertical lines. Each line represents a different magical spell and a different meaning. The first line is used to protect from unjust punishment, the second one to shun bad fortune, the third one protects from curses and black magic, the fourth one boosts your luck and success, and the fifth one is said to attract a person from the opposite sex.

sak yant hah taew tattoo

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21. The Ongk Pra

The Ongk Pra is one of the most used tattoo in the Sak Yant history. The Ongk Pra is said to bring blessings and happiness in one’s life. The Ongk Pra has many variations to it and all of them have powers related to the basic Ongk Pra tattoo.

Yant Ongk Pra tattoo

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22. The Maha Ud

The Maha Ud literally means, “Great Blocker”. This yant is believed to have the power to stop guns from firing. In other words, it protects the wearer from being fired upon. The Maha Oot can be tattooed on the skin or etched onto an amulet.

Maha Ud Yantra tattoo design

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23. The Yant Paed Tidt

Yant Paed Tidt is an 8 directional yant meant to protect the wearer in all of the 8 directions. The Yant Paed Tidt is sometimes tattoed with a tiger in the center. There is another version of this Yant called the Yant Sip Tidt which is used to protect the wearer in 10 directions instead of 8.

paed tidt sak yant tattoo

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24. The Yant Yord Mongkut

More commonly known as the Supreme Crown Yantra, this tattoo has been used to protect people in wars and battles. The tattoo is normally inked on the head. However, it can also be placed on the shoulder.

Yant Yord Mongkut tattoo

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yord mongkut sak tattoo

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25. The Five Faced Deva Yant

This five faced Deva is called the Bpanjamukhee Arokapay. The name of the Deva itself gives the meaning of the tattoo. ‘Aroka’ means ‘no illness’ while ‘Pay’ means ‘danger’ in Pali. The Five Faced Deva Yant is designed to keep away all kinds of mental and physical illness away from the wearer.

Five Faced Deva Yant Tattoo

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