25 Classic Short Hairstyles For Round Face Girls

Hairstyle according to the face shape can make your styling natural, round face have high cheekbones which is feminine. Face looks can be adjusted with the selection of appropriate haircut, short hairstyles are perfect choice for round face girls. There are many variations of haircuts that will look attractive on round faces, asymmetric short bangs, structured strands, short bangs…

Today we are showcasing 25 classic short hairstyles for round face girls that will help you get an idea for selecting haircut for your face shape, the option of layers will definitely lengthens the face and visual personality. Pixie haircut is ever trendy style for all face shapes but it will be more attractive with round face girls, be sure to check these examples before getting your next party makeover!

01. Asymmetric Short Bangs

Asymmetric Short Bangs

 02. Beautiful Short Bangs

Beautiful Short Bangs

 03. Brown classic bean Haircut

Brown classic bean Haircut

 04. Cute Pixie Haircut

Cute Pixie Haircut

 05. Dark Structured strands Hairstyle

Dark Structured strands Hairstyle

06. Delightful Thick Short Hair

Delightful Thick Short Hair

 07. Elegant Short Hairstyle

Elegant Short Hairstyle

 08. Glamorous Short Hair

Glamorous Short Hair

09. Pretty Girl smooth hairstyle

Pretty Girl smooth hairstyle

 10. Short asymmetrical bob

Short asymmetrical bob

 11. Short Blonde Hairstyle

Short Blonde Hairstyle

12. Short Brown Hair

Short Brown Hair

 13. Short Formal Hairstyle

Short Formal Hairstyle

 14. Short Red Color Hair

Short Red Color Hair

 15. Short Romantic Hairstyle

Short Romantic Hairstyle

 16. Short Round Face Haircut

Short Round Face Haircut

 17. Short Simple Boyish Hair

Short Simple Boyish Hair

 18. Short Thin Hairstyle

Short Thin Hairstyle

 19. Short Volume Straight Curve

Short Volume Straight Curve

20. Short Wavy Hairstyle

Short Wavy Hairstyle

 21. Straight hairstyle with bangs

Straight hairstyle with bangs

 22. Straight jagged layers

Straight jagged layers

 23. Structured strands  hairstyle

Structured strands  hairstyle

24. Trendy Side parted Hairstyle

Trendy Side parted Hairstyle

 25. Classic Short Celebrity Hairstyle

Classic Short Celebrity Hairstyle


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