25 Cute and Romantic I love You Pictures

Love is known as eternal feeling, It is one of the wonderful feeling which demands attraction from both sides to grow. Love is important in life, it adds happiness. However, the definition of love is not constant neither it can be defined, every person senses love in a different way.

The aspect or the way of love may differ, but the essence of love remains same. On every 14 February, many of the couples share candies, chocolates, flowers and gifts to celebrate their love. Love is known as the pure emotion, and it is not easy to express the magical words. So scroll down and find the most cute and romantic I love you pictures which will hold your attention.

1. P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You

Photo Credit: Enki Village

There is nothing more romantic than the three magical words. These words are the beautiful beginning of the journey of life.

2. Cute Tangled Love

Cute Tangled Love

Photo Credit: Gifts

It is one of the most romantic and loveable scenes from the animated movie Tangled. What would be more precious to be with your loved one in a beautiful night under a starry sky.

3. Love At Sunset

Love At Sunset

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It is great to take your partner on the beach to enjoy the water, sunset, and love. It is the greatest way to express your love by saying I love you.

4. Innocent Love

Innocent Love

Photo Credit: Get a cover

The heart making with the hands is getting popular among lovers and friends which denote the eternal love and long lasting happiness. The never ending love is shown in a beautiful way.

5. Romantic Date

Romantic Date

Photo credit: Hub Status

Isn’t it romantic to have a date with your loved one, the river with all that amazing lanterns all around? It will surely be the most memorable and romantic date ever.

6. Dance with Me

Dance with Me

Photo Credit: Gifts

When you dance with your love and get titled in the arms of your partner, it feels great. You will realize that you love her/him when your heart misses the beat while looking in the eyes of your lover.

7. Love Sketch

Love Sketch

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You might have heard that love is in the air, but most of the romantic moments symbolize that love is in the rain as well. So fall in love with your partner like rain.

8. Love Ride

Love Ride

Photo Credit: Forum

Love is all about feelings. The animated picture is very cute and shows the couple riding a bi-cycle together.

9. Counting Hearts

Counting Hearts

Photo Credit: Valiet

Love is when you cannot sleep and keep thinking about your love. When you see the hearts instead of stars in the sky. The animated picture shows the love between the two people who are counting hearts in the sky.

10. Love Plans

Love Plans

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

Love is about everything. Love is talking about everything. Love is beautiful, and love is being with you. The happy couple is sharing the great thoughts with each other about things.

11. Eternal Love

Eternal Love

Photo Credit: BJSTLH

The animated picture shows the eternal love between the two people. The boy is saying to her loved one that he may not live too long to support her or be with her always, but because of her, he would be able to live forever in her heart.

12. Walk with Me

Walk with Me

Photo Credit: BJSTLH

The couple is talking walk in the fields or somewhere in quiet so that they share the feelings together.

13. Winter Walk

Winter Walk

Photo Credit: HD images

What could be more romantic to take a stepin winters with your loved one.

14. Take a look

Take a look

Photo Credit: HD wall

When you share your emotions, feelings and talk with the loved one or your partner, then you will surely feel; out of this world. The one loveable look is perfect to bring a smile on face.

15. Hold your Hand

Hold your hand

Photo Credit: Picture HD

Take my hand and walk with me till the road ends. The most romantic walk which you can take!

16. Love Cover

Love Cover

Photo Credit: All day Quotes

The dried decoration with the letter Love looks very attractive on profile.

17. Perfect Feeling

Perfect Feeling

Photo Credit: Whatsapp status

When I am with you, I feel complete and Perfect.

18. Two Souls

Two Souls

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Two souls but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.

19. Only you

Only you

Photo Credit: Detechter

Romance has been gracefully defined as the offspring of fiction and love.

20. I love you

I love you

Photo Credit: Ever Shayari

You complete me. I love you more than anyone.

21. This much

This much

Photo Credit: Being Lol

How much you love me? This much…..

22. Hug me

Hug me

Photo Credit: New Mounts

I feel relaxed and great when I hug you.

23. Smile


Photo Credit: Facebook Covers

Your smile is the ultimate Gift of all.

24. Hold me

Hold me

Photo Credit: Detechter

The best feeling is when he hold me in his arms.

25. I love you

I love you

Photo Credit: Graphics

I Love you forever and ever…….

So if you are in love with someone or love someone then express it by sharing these amazing and great, I love you or romantic pictures.

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