25 Examples of Fantastic Street Art Around the World

Street Art is mostly popular now a days for advertising any unique idea of product which inspire its viewer and customer to purchase that product and inspire from that art. For such variety of product and the competition between different companies to sale its product the unique idea which inspires its customer and inspire them through there look different companies spent huge money in street art to inspire people so they use there products and also it is the most inexpensive way for the artists to show their talent to all the world by creating such wondrous art work in streets.

Few examples of fantastic street art  which will give you an idea of extra-ordinary talent hidden in the streets all around the world– we show in this post to inspire the people and enjoy to see work of these amazing and colorful Street Art all around the world, Enjoy it!

Berlin, Germany

Murcia, Spain

Katowice, Poland

Arhus, Denmark

Bristol, England

Lyon, France

Krakow, Poland

Lodz, Poland

Victoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Murcia, Spain

Besançon, France

Lofoten, Norway

New York, USA

Aged, France

Vienna, Austria

New York City, USA

 Mexico, Mexico

Baltimore, USA

 Moscow, Russia

Valencia, Spain

Warsaw, Poland

Lisbon, Portugal


Atlanta, USA

Orders, Spain

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