25+ Lovely and Vintage Polka Dot Nail Art Designs

Polka Dot nail art is so stylish and fashionable that women do not get bored trying any unique idea to have more creative look for the nails, women are crazy about new trends, colors, style and are always available to see new nail art tutorials to have more attractive look for nails. With Polka dots girls can take advantage of their favorite colors for make hand and feet nails more funky.

Today we will showcase 25+ lovely and vintage polka dot nail art designs that you can apply on new year eve 2013 or can make stylish 3d nails with polka dots on weddings, parties or for prom night… polka dots are the latest demand for nail art in women wanted to make skin more freshy with trendy nails that are mixed with gel, acrylic, air brushes, paint or crystals, diamonds, 3d flowers, watermelon…Hope you will like these nail art ideas and try them on new year eve or for other parties in the new year, if you have other exciting ideas for nails please share them with us in comments. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Black and White Polka Dot

Polka Dot Blue

Polka Dot Nails

Rainbow Polka Dots

Soiree Pretty Polka Dot

Bows and Stuff

brown & pink dots nail art

Dot maniak

Polka dot nails

Polka Dot Toes

Red polka dot

Black and Blue Polka Dots Nail Art

Dot dot dot

Pastel Chevron Stripe and Polka Dot Nail Art

Polka dots long nails with 3D art

Polka Dot nails

Purple and Pink Polka Dot

 Crown Polka Dots

Cute, maybe TOO cute

Mad for Movember

 Pink Cheery Sundae Nails

polka dots with 3D flowers and rhinestones nails

 Polka Dots ?

Funky French

Neon Polka dots

Polka Dot

Watermelon Nails


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