35 The Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo Designs Ideas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an Epic Story line promotion by Tim Burton Musical Horror movie which tells a story of Jack Skelligton who lived in a Halloween Town and being bored by its frightful celebration routine every year and accidently opens a portal to Christmas Town. Jack is impressed by Christmas Celebration styles and wants to take control of Christmas.

The movie has from the release captured people hearts with the character of Jack Skellington and a Doll Sally who is attracted to Jack, so we have selected “Nightmare before Christmas tattoo ideas” that will attract you as the strong scripts of the movie and you will be inspired with these tattoos to have one for yourself. Hope you will love these tattoo designs!

“Jack Skellington”

Jack Skellington tattoo

Nightmare before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Lower Back Healed

Nightmare before christmas tat

Nightmare Before Christmas tat

Nightmare before christmas tattoo

Nightmare before Xmas tattoo

nightmare x-mas

Tattoo Jack Sally Flowers

True love

Heaven Help Us

Jack And Sally

Jack and Sally

Jack Skellington Tattoo

NBC Jack tattoo

nightmare before xmas

 Nightmare Tattoo


Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Bone Daddy

Jack and Sally

Jack and Sally

Jack N Sally Back Tattoo

 Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Xmas Tattoo

nightmare before Christmas tat

 The Nightmare before Christmas Backpiece

jack skellington

 Nightmare BCT


Jack and Sally

nightmare before christmas

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  1. I love these !!
    I’m very flattered that my tattoo is there… Although I have no idea where you got that picture from…

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