35 Pretty Cool Screensavers For Your Desktop

Brrr! It’s already winter time. Snow is covering the streets and houses while the decoration for holidays is also started. Trees, stores, and houses are decorated with lights and stars. Yes, it is true that children are dreaming to receive gifts on holidays near the Christmas trees placed beside cozy and warm fireplaces.

Everyone knows people dream that Santa Claus is real and provide happiness to the world. However, we do not let our visitors drift away in this spirited season. Download these exclusive screensavers and put the desktop theme.

  • To activate these awesome screensavers, just install and click on the file you want to download.
  • Otherwise, Right Click on the desktop screen, then select Properties, Click on Screensavers and select the desired file from Browse option to activate the screensaver.
  • If you want to uninstall screensaver then visit Control Panel and click on Add and remove programs. Click on the program and tap uninstall.

Just download these pretty-cool screensavers available on a variety of themes including animals, abstraction, flowers, nature and holidays. All you need is to download the screensavers and run the file after installation.

Fashionable Retro Styles

If you are an introvert sort of person, decorate your desktop with extended contours and dress the systems with formal screensavers.

1. Digital Clock Screensaver

digital clock screensaver

The digital clock with black background shows 24 hours and 12-hour format time.

Source to download

2. Cool Clock

cool clock

This is an amazing and unique clock which shows 12-hour format time along with the day, month, week number and year.

Source to download

3. 3D IMAX Screensaver

3D IMAX screensaver

It is an IMAX screensaver showcasing different images from film Hubble.

Source to Download

4. CTU Display

CTU display

The Screensaver shows world map along with the data of counter terrorism intelligence and computer systems.

Source to download

5. Northern Lights

northern lights

Beautiful screensaver will surely give life to your desktop with high-quality photographs.

Source to download

6. Simple Digital Clock

simple digital clock

The simple clock will display current time in neon green font on a black background. Time is shown in horizontal format. Settings can be customized.

Source to download

7. Inception


The spinning top is from one of the great and worldwide famous movie inceptions. If you are a fan of it, decorate your screen with it.

Source to download

8. Padbury Digital Clock

padbury digital clock

It is a basic digital clock available in Light as well as dark theme displaying time. You can customize the settings according to your need.

Source to download

Christmas Screensavers

As Christmas is around the corner, it is best to enjoy every main element of winter. Now is the optimal time to cheer your desktop with beautiful Christmas pretty screensavers.

9. Christmas Village Screensaver

christmas village screensaver

This screensaver is depicting Christmas Snow in a village with a tree, houses, and lanterns. Snow falling and cloud smoke at night are giving a great visible.

Source to Download

10. 3D Night Before Christmas

3D Night Before Christmas

This is a 3D animated screensaver which involves living rooms, decorated tree with wrapped gifts, burning candles, and stockings hanging. It is combined with the sound and music effects.

Source to Download

11. Christmas Countdown

christmas countdown

Just count your days, minutes and seconds until the Xmas day with Christmas countdown pretty screensaver.

Source to Download

12. Santa Claus Workshop

santaclaus workshop

Want to see how presents are prepared in Santa Claus workshop? Then try this amazing screensaver. It also plays music in the background.

Source to download

13. My Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree

This screensaver involves three scenes and features balls, bows, candles, decorations, and angles. The screensaver includes music and sounds.

Source to download

14. Static Santa Snowy Night

Static Santa snowy night

This screensaver features a Santa Claus in a snowy forest surrounded by birds and animals.

Source to download

15. Christmas Decorations

christmas decorations

It is an animated themed screensaver featuring decorative items including burning candle, Christmas balls, stars, and sparkle.

Source to download

16. Christmas Magic

Christmas magic

It is a 3D screensaver showcasing decorations of Christmas in a cozy and warm room.

Source to download

17. Santa`s Sleigh

Santas sleigh

Now you will be available to watch Santa`s sleigh going above the mountains traveling with his reindeer to deliver gifts.

Source to download

18. Jingle Bells

jingle bells

This screensaver is combined with different pictures showing Santa Claus distributing gifts near the decorated tree.

Source to download

Animated Movies Screensavers

Animate movies screensavers are best for movie fans. These screensavers are cute and lively. You will love everything about them.

19. Minion Movie

minion movie

The screensaver involves clip of Bob, Stuart, and Kevin who are the famous minions.

Source to download

20. Inside Out

inside out

Inside Out is a famous Disney Pixar movie that is filled with emotions sadness, disgust, anger, fear, and joy.

Source to Download

21. A Bugs Life

A bugs life

The film features two characters Flik and Dot released in 1998. Screensaver screen owns three main pictures which show repeated animation.

Source to Download

22. Happy Minion

happy minion

Are you a minion fan? Then be happy with the best screensaver featuring Bob.

Source to Download

23. Finding Dory

finding dory

It is an unofficial screensaver that features forgetful blue fish named as Dory. It is the sequel to movie Finding Nemo.

Source to Download

24. Up


You might have seen hundreds of balloons attached to a house featuring a young boy named as Russel and Carl who owns the house.

Source to Download

25. Ice Age

ice age

Are you a fan of Ice Age animated series? Then it is featuring the cute and funny squirrel.

Source to Download

26. Fallout


Make the joyous face of Fallout man as your screensaver.

Source to Download

27. Felix


Are you a cat lover? Then this black and white animated screensaver is cute. However, sound effects or music cannot be muted.

Source to Download

Season Screensavers

Now play with the fall and autumn colors on your desktop screen. Install and display screensavers featuring natural scenery, falling leave, and great animations.

28. 3D Beautiful Autumn

3D beautiful autumn

Now witness the golden autumn season onto your desktop. Your screen will be covered with yellow, orange and red fallen leaves.

Source to Download

29. Four Season

four seasons

This simple screensaver covers four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. You will love the transition effect.

Source to Download

30. Utah Autumn

utah autumn

View autumn in Utah featuring lakes, hills,forests, and mountains. You can change the settings according to your need.

Source to Download

31. New Hampshire Autumn

New Hampshire Autumn

Enjoy the scenery of New Hampshire in autumn season with fallen leaves, mountains, yellow trees and snowy terrains.

Source to Download

32. Enjoy Rainy Day

enjoy rainy day

Your desktop will seem like a windowpane to which the raindrops are hitting the glass. Candles and lantern lits and turns off.

Source to Download

33. Colors of Autumn

colors of autumn

Now leaves will keep falling from the sky giving a 3D impression.

Source to Download

34. Autumn Saver

autumn saver

This screensaver features cloudy sky, grass, rocks, and trees highlighting the autumn season.

Source to Download

35. Fall Foliage

fall foliage

The screensaver features small pictures taken during autumn season in various areas of US.

Source to Download

We hope you liked all the pretty screensavers. So, scroll through the compilation of pretty screensavers and find desired images. Just stay warm and get inspiration by dressing your devices with best screensavers.

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