3D Magic Art Special Painting Exhibition 2012 in China

Amazing art exhibition held in Hangzhou, in the Gallery of Modern Art, where the work can not only watch but also become part of an introduction to the beauty. Unlike museums, picture here can allow to touch it, take pictures and even stomp your feet – in exceptional cases. And because Magic Art Special Exhibition Of China 2012 is the exhibition, which are three-dimensional, interactive works of contemporary artists.
Strolling between paintings that depict dinosaurs or underwater, sea or desert, a beautiful stranger in a kimono or a family of rhinos at the watering place, visitors can not help but smile. Paintings like trying to jump out the scope, to overcome the boundaries that they clench, hold within single canvas. And thus invite people to dialogue, and verbal and physical contact.

Nobody here will tell the child that he ceased to revolve around a particular statue. Nobody odernet adult if he decided to climb into the picture with a dinosaur and present, that now would be his dinner … Dive into the jaws of a shark, swing on a swing with a beautiful Chinese woman to pull off his pants with a famous boxer, to feed from a bottle cute baby giraffe, “ride” on the raging surf on the waves of the ocean – all that can be created with interactive three-dimensional pictures of the exhibition of contemporary art in Hangzhou.

Interactive painting brings a smile and a desire to join the beautiful, presented in Chinese Exhibition Center Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition and Conference Center. There they can see, touch, photograph, and thus become part of the modern art. Even if only for the time it takes the camera to take a picture.

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