3D Origami Paper Art: 30+ Amazing Modular Character Crafts

Origami is a Japanese art of paper folding, Check these beautiful 3d modular character paper crafts by various artists expressing their creative mind molding paper. The word ori means paper and gami means folding, origami art have many types for example: modular, wet-folding, action and pureland.

Creating attractive paper crafts with hands are easy but modular origami is not an easy job, it is hard work and takes time to master the techniques that allow creating great 3d figures. We have gathered these amazing modular origami characters paper art that involve the use of paper pieces without scissors to create various sections, check out the results of these different sections joined together in the below 3d origami models.


3D Origami - Catbug


3D Origami - Eevee

 Jack Skellington

3D Origami - Jack Skellington


3D Origami - Mewtwo


3D origami Cobra

 3D Origami Dragon with Stand

3D Origami Dragon with Stand


3D Origami Owl


3D Origami Penguin

 Scarlet Macaw

3D Origami Scarlet Macaw

 3D Origami Squirtle (Pokemon)

3D Origami Squirtle (Pokemon)


Jirachi - 3D origami

 Origami 3D swan

Origami 3D swan


Phoenix - 3D Origami


Pikachu - 3D origami

 Russian Peacock (3D Origami)

Russian Peacock (3D Origami)

 Swan- 3D Origami Model

Swan- 3D Origami Model


Togepi - 3D origami


Torchic - 3D origami


3D Origami - Glaceon

 Grumpy Cat

3D Origami - Grumpy Cat


3D Origami - Jolteon


3D Origami - Koi


3D Origami - Mew


3D Origami - Navi


3D Origami - Sylveon


3D Origami - Timcanpy


3D Origami - Vaporeon

 3d origami sea scorpion

3d origami sea scorpion

 Angry Birds – 3D Origami

Angry Birds - 3D Origami


Mudkip [3D Origami]


3D Origami - Espeon

 3D Origami – Flareon

3D Origami - Flareon


Frog - 3D origami


Gengar - 3D origami

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