40+ Examples of Beautiful Purple Nature Colors Photography

Purple Color is so mysterious originally comes from blue haze, throughout ancient times it is color of Wizards. Purple have so much attraction in it to create magic atmosphere with passion and imagination, according to psychology it is a color of blind love, unity of opposite sex and incredible achievements but  can be destructive.

The mysticism and mysterious nature is a choice of people living dreamy lifestyle achieving their goals and can felt in intuitive thinking, we have selected 40+ examples of beautiful purple nature colors photography for inspiration, the idea of these photos is to create a nature of dreams and mysterious purple world. Hope you will like the Purple theme colors to create a nature of your own, Enjoy the purple nature!

Silk’n Purple Drops

Purple Love

 Brainard Lake State Recreation Area, Colorado

My Purple : Spirit Day

Deep purple

 Soft Purple

Purple Haze

 Creeping Purple Lady’s Sorrel



 Purple Daisy


 Purple Flowers

 Purple Droplets

 Purple Rose

 Purple Forest

 Rose of Sharon


 Field of Purple Flowers

 Purple Effect

Purple carpet

Purple Dream

Purple Dreams

 Purple Flower Marco shot

purple flowers

purple orchid

Purple Rain

Purple Sky

Purple Sunset

purple sunset

purple sunset

Summer Purple

The Purple Heart

An Amazingly Sophisticated Purple Flower

Male Purple Finch

Poisoned Purple Petals

Purple Drop

Purple Rain

Purple Beauties

Purple Beauty

Purple Beauty

 a simple purple flower


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