41 Crazy Photo Manipulation for Inspiration

We have already published post on photo manipulation, technique of image editing used by designers to make more creative designs. Now we want to give you a few more creations of professional designers. Photo Manipulation is done with tools such as Adobe Photoshop by graphic designers to edit the image as perfect and with creative ideas.

We have selected 41 crazy photo manipulation, which will inspire you to create your own stunning manipulation photos and show your talent to others. Happy viewing.

nature manipulated

my mind

Awesome Advertisements

apple earth

Heart Photo

Taking Photos

I need to eat!

Foot Photo

Energy Eye

An Angel’s Odyssey

Egg Photo

Ezio Auditore

Horror Art


Girl Photo


Oops… Another bad day for Mrs. Gulliver…

Pragtige Meermin

Manipulated Field

Be free (FIXED)

Emerald Tears

Art. 14

Cybernetic Space Assassin

Manipulated for challenge

Mystical Tattoos

Digital Wine

Bloodlust Dreams


Dorothy Surrendered

Oh my, dehydration a likely possibility

The Power of Magic

Beauty in Chaos

be cooking

Soompi Stock Picture Thing…

speedy teddy

Trying to Find the Words

Solitary Vampire

Le Chevalier

Digital Darkness

My Darkest Angel

Lady In Red

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