Cute Red White and Blue Makeup Looks for 4th of July 2023

The month of June has only started but it’s never too early to get into the spirits of independence. As Fourth of July is less than a month away, let’s bring out the American outfits and enjoy in style. And what better way to complete your look, than to sprinkle your face with red white and blue sparkle.

We’ve gathered around some of the most influential and head turning red white and blue makeup ideas for you to try this coming 4rth of July 2023.

Every red white and blue makeup you will see here might look a little hard at first, but it’s a lot easier than you’d think. And once you’ll be done with it and look at yourself in the mirror you will be proud of yourself and your good old American determination. Now isn’t that the kind of patriotism you need of the Independence Day? 

So consider your cute Fourth of July makeup done, thanks to us.

Simple yet Colorful Eye Makeup

This is a simple classic black eyeliner with a underlining of red white and blue sparkle. Making it perfect for girls who like to stay low-key on makeup.

4th of july glitter sparkle eye makeup

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Red White and Blue Eyeshadow

To add a little individuality to your eye-makeup, you can go for different colors on either of your eyelids. Or go for the same ones. You can also add few stars to reflect the flag and show your love. And finish off the look with blood red lipstick.

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Blue and Red Liner Eye Makeup

Instead going with the classic black eyeliner, on the special day of 4th July line your eyes with blue and add a little red and white to get the whole flag vibes in the makeup.

happy fourth of july eye makeup

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Tint Those Brows

Here’s another glam red white and blue eye makeup for you to try this 4th of July. If you want a look that completely baffles every one, fill in your brows with blue color like in the pictures below.

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Go Big Go Bold or Go Home

Now we’re talking to the serious makeup gurus out there. These big and bold red white and blue makeup ideas are not for the fragile and faint hearted. If you care too much about what others might think, then don’t bother trying these makeup looks and let the makeup gurus take the lead now. These makeup looks are sure to give you the same reactions to that of the Fourth of July fireworks.

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4th of July Nails

On the day if independence why not get inspired with these red, white and blue nail art to enjoy your 4th of July a little more?

White Red and Blue Marble Nail Art

4th of july marble nail art

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Red White and Blue sparkle Nail Art

4th of july nail art ideas

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4th of July French Manicure

4th of july nail ideas

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4th of July Lip Makeup Ideas

Don’t leave your pretty lips behind when dolling up for 4rth of July. There are plenty of red white and blue makeup ideas for your lips to add up into your bomb makeup look of 4th of July.

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