5 Best Selling Cars of All Time

Since the debut of automobiles in 1885, mankind has acquired tens of millions of cars, and some of the companies that produced these cars have become well-known brands recognized in many homes. Over the years, the industries have sometimes experienced fluctuations, as was the case recently during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, vehicles are always on sale, and people will purchase them at a dealership, a car auction, or even an online auto auction. So, what automobiles are considered the best-selling cars of all time?

1. Toyota Corolla

You would think the best-selling car would originate from the USA, but even the USA’s backbone could not defeat the industrial giant that is Japan. Toyota is the car industrial giant that has sold over 50 million Corolla units, demonstrating that most consumers want to get from point A to point B and not drive a flashy car. Corolla has been doing this diligently and successfully for 55 years; this figure varies depending on the different versions. It is highly regarded for its dependability and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. It is also a pioneer in automobile affordability since most of its customers are middle-class.

2. Ford F-Series

The original production country of the Ford series is the USA, which has been in production from 1948 to date. It has sold over 40 million cars. Over time, people have noticed improvements in the vehicle’s handling and quality. Most of its success has been in the United States, Latin America, and several African countries. The Ford F-series is favored by many due to its dependability and suitability for towing large trailers. The 13th generation has paved the way and is the first to incorporate aluminum construction to make the vehicle lighter by over 600 pounds.

3. Volkswagen Golf

Since 1974, the German-based model Volkswagen Golf has sold over 31 million cars. It occupies a worthy place in the family of popular small cars. Though its popularity has declined recently, production is still ongoing, and the car is widely sold in various parts of the world. The seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf is currently in demand in the UK due to its excellent interior quality and performance. A distinguishable feature of this model is the hatchback style that gives it an attractive new look.

4. Volkswagen Passat

As far as midsize cars go, this model has made a name for itself, selling over 30 million units since its making in 1973. This model holds its own emerging market over the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic. It is a product of German engineering with a European design that comes with efficient powertrain options with respectable power. You will notice the effortless and smooth driving experience, precisely what most people look for in a vehicle. For the American market, there are top-notch features that have high safety scores and remarkable quality.

5. Ford Escort

From 1968 to 2004, around 18 million Ford Escorts were sold. Surprisingly, though, it did not make as much of a ripple in the United States as it did in Europe. It was Anglia’s modern replacement and was considered a fuel-efficient and reliable mode of transportation. While small, it could fit a small family and also gained popularity as a rally car. The development of the Ford Escort also helped to grow the Ford name in Europe. But the company didn’t stop there either; they added innovative engines and a mechanical anti-lock braking system to improve its functionality and reliability.


It is remarkable to think about how far automobiles have come since the invention of the first car. Nowadays, consumers are looking for fuel-efficient cars with better performance stats and reduced carbon footprint. With the ever-growing technology, the question that now remains is, will there be an addition to this list? That remains to be seen.

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