5 Best WordPress Plugin For Pinterest

Pinterest is the new most popular and fastest growing social network, It has attracted brands and so many people in the last few months. Websites are using Pinterest for their content marketing and searching for the Plugins that can make things auto for the bloggers to share videos, images… We have selected 6 Best WordPress plugin that are free and easy to install and manage.

1. Pinterest Pin It Button

Pinterest Pin It Button is a popular and most used plugin, which can be used above or below the content or optionally on excerpts to add “Pin It” button for users to note the content on Pinterest quick and easy.

2. Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images is used on the images, when a user hover over the image Pin It Button is displayed for the user to Pin the image which he/she likes.

3. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

Pinterest Pinboard Widget adds Pinterest Widget, similar to the Board in Pinterest and uses the original thumbnail from the Pinterest itself. It caches pins every 15 minutes to improve site’s performance.

4. Pinterest RSS Widget

Pinterest RSS Widget allows you to place sidebar widget that grabs fresh content from RSS Feeds by Pinterest and shows the corresponding thumbnails. You have the option to display description below the image, also width and height of thumbnail can be set to fit under the topic.

5. Pretty Pinterest Pins

Pretty Pinterest Pins allows you to display the thumbnails and links to your or anyone’s latest pins from Pinterest in your sidebar. It is just the same style as of Pinterest and offers clean and sophisticated design to display your pins.

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