5 Essential Winter Skin Care Tips for Men

With the winter months coming up, temperatures are bound to go below zero. This means that you need warm sweaters, scarves, and perhaps a warm fire to stay toasty. A lot of us men would think that’s all we need to stay looking sharp this season, but sadly this isn’t the case. For one thing, the cold weather can make your skin dry and irritable.

Nothing turns off women faster than seeing cracked lips and reddened skin, which is why you need a special winter grooming regimen. This is where extensive catalog of skincare products can help, You’re sure to find options in specialized brands of Asian skincare products, like COSRX, that are specially made for dry and dehydrated skin. Now, just because winter is coming doesn’t mean that you should know everything about skin care. So let’s take a look at five useful tips that are specifically made for men.

1.Use moisturizers to prevent dry skin


If summer heat can take away moisture, winter temperatures can do the same. The dry winds and cold air can take away the natural lipids of your skin.This effect is accelerated if you use a heater at home or stay by the fireplace.

Using a moisturizer is a great way to counter this. Just remember to pick the variant that locks in moisture inside your skin. You might also want to take time to test if your skin type is oily or dry. The former requires an oil-free moisturizer, while the latter needs something that can hydrate your skin from within.Doing so lets you pick out the right product for your use.

2.Apply sunscreen when going outdoors


It’s a misconception for people to think that summer is the only time when you need sunblock. On the contrary, the snow can reflect 80% of UV radiation from the sun. This figure alone is a good enough reason to apply sunblock and help shield your skin.

Variants with an SPF of 30 are the ideal for this season. You might also want to try getting those with moisturizing ingredients like lanolin or glycerin to prevent dryness.

3. Don’t forget to use beard oil


If you’re the type who likes to grow beards, it’s important to care for them even more this season, Because in cold weather, the risk of dry skin is just as high for those with facial hair. This is one of the leading causes of beard itch. Applying beard oil helps moisturize both your facial hair and skin, and it also helps prevent dryness and dandruff.

4. Exfoliate regularly


Winter is a season when dry skin is a constant risk, so it’s important to scrub out the old layers of your skin. This is because the outer layer of your skin is constantly being replaced with fresh cells from below, If you want to keep your skin looking fresh in the winter months, you have to exfoliate. This is especially true when a combination of cold air and indoor heating can dry out your skin faster.

5. Don’t forget the lip balm


If you’re planning to kiss under a mistletoe, it’s important to keep your lips smooth and perky. No one wants to end up kissing someone with dry, cracked lips, which is why you’ll need to apply lip balms. These work wonders in helping your lips stay moisturized and soft, thanks to ingredients like Vaseline and beeswax. Those who want to take this step up a notch can try out variants with vitamin E to also help nourish the skin on your lips, Your date will even thank you for it.

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