5 Ways To Always Be The Cool Cat

Being the cool kid in the group doesn’t come easy. Much like anything in life – be it sports, math, music, or cooking – it takes a lot of time and effort to eventually become the best. Past and present icons of cool – such as James Dean, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, David Beckham, Johnny Depp and Pharrell – are all awesome in their own way, but there’s one thing that brings them together: they worked very hard to become that way. Being cool means experimenting and not always being the same as everyone else.

So, how do you become the cool cat? Well, an attitude of “I don’t care what anyone thinks” always helps, but it’s primarily about the look. Finding your own cool style might not happen overnight, but with enough time and patience, you too will become revered as the coolest guy on the block. Here are a few things to get you on your way.

1. Leather jacket and sunglasses

black leather jacket and glasses

There’s a reason that a black leather jacket and a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have been the epitome of cool for many decades. You don’t have to sit on the hood of your car and smoke a cigarette – an image many of us have when mentioning a black leather jacket and sunglasses – you simply need to rock them in a way that suits you. Daytime in the spring or early summer will usually be the best time to have this look, as you can wear them without fear of being too hot or too cold. The leather jacket still works in the evening if you visit a bar or club, but lose the sunglasses!

2. Luxury watch

International Comany Watches

Watches are just one of those accessories which lend themselves compliments, but you’ll only get them if you’re wearing a cool watch! Don’t get some ancient Casio watch or some fake Rolex, pick up a watch that has just the right amount of personality, sophistication, and luxury. Anything made by a Swiss manufacturer is hard to beat, but if you wish to go for a brand that is a little different, then try IWC. The designs are classy and cool, and if you browse here, you’ll find one a bit cheaper than their official store.

3. Stylish haircut

men hairstyles

Men’s hairstyles are constantly changing, but this is definitely a good thing. How boring is it when everyone has the same style? Look for what’s happening in 2018 with regards to hair trends, and see if you can put your own personal stamp on things. Whether you go for long hair like Kit Harrington or short and neatly cropped like Ryan Reynolds, pick a style you’re comfortable with and don’t settle for second best. Your hair is an important part of your cool look, so treat it with some respect.

4. Tattoos and piercings

Word Xmas Joy Christmas tattoo on Fingers

If you’ve already got some tattoos or piercings, then you know how cool they can look. If you haven’t got any yet, then now could be the time! Look at some tattoo designs and see if any work for you. Something small and personable on your wrist or inner bicep is always a good start, and if you become fascinated with them, go for a sleeve. Likewise, the classic earring on the lobe never ceases to be cool, but you could also take things up a notch by getting a nose ring.

5. Skateboard or surfboard


surfboard LED

Finally, it might be time to learn a cool skill like skateboarding or surfboarding. Where you live will of course change what kind of board you pick up, but when you have a skill like this to show off, then your cool points will go through the roof. Plus, even when you’re not actually using the board, it’s a great accessory simply to have with you.

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