55+ Examples of Cool & Crazy Body Painting Art Designs

Art with all the variations have more diverse forms, Body Painting Art can be as crazy as it can get with having Halloween horror body paintings to as fun and cool design on face and body to give new trendy fashion or amazing modeling ideas, creating your own crazy body painting for sports fans or bring fun with cultural painting design on body.

We have collected more than 55 examples of cool & crazy body painting art design with male and female models to give spicy inspiration for body painting for Halloween or any special occasion that give you a gorgeous look or really crazy horror look, Hope you will like these amazing body painting designs!

A Glorious Dawn

behind me

Body Art Corset

Body painting – snake

Body Painting 7

 undercoat of white airbrush

Body painting picture

Body Paintings: Raven

Butterfly Dress Body Painting

Body Painting Seeboden

Face and Body Painting

Fetish theme Body Painting

 Geometry Puzzle Body Painting

Gothic Face Painting II

Happy Halloween

Self Body Painting

Mother nature body painting

Poison Ivy Inspired Body Paint

Safari Body Painting

 blue blow-up Body Painting

 blowing stars into the sky

Sugar Skull Face Paint

Coca Cola Body Painting

Big Cats

 Black Spider Queen

The animal within Body Painting

Chopsticks and Flowers

CL – Living Dead

Day Of The Dead

Face of the dead

face painting

Fairy wings

Fantasy Face Art

feline girl

for play

 Face Your Monsters Contest

Jester swirl

Leopard girl


  Hungarian folk dress pattern

Pink haired girl


 Painted Rainbow Dash

Sell It Body Painting

Peacock Face and Body Painting

Daegu body painting festival

Shlomit Migay

Sin tree III


Starry Night

Sugar + Bones II

Moulin Rouge Body Painting

Watch me if you can

Body Painting

Full Spidey

 Welsh Face Body Painting

Num Num Nums of the devil

My First Couple

Painted Body

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