57 Funny Cartoons of Famous Celebrities

Everyone wants to see the celebrities in their own way, an artist who is skillful to convey his emotions can draw cartoon to show most characteristic features in a humorous way and for the entertainment of people, mostly artists draw paintings of the famous personalities or the fictional characters for creativity.

To see the humor in the sketch by drawing fabulous caricatures of famous celebrities to entertain and put smile on the faces is the vision for these artists as we have collected caricatures of famous Hollywood celebrities, Hoping that you will be entertained and they will raise your spirits!

Angelina Jolie

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ashton Kutcher

Brad Pitt

Bruce Willis

Cameron Diaz

Halle Berry

Harrison Ford 

Hugh Jackman

Jennifer Aniston

Jim Carrey 

Johnny Depp 

Julia Roberts

Keanu Reeves

Keira Knightley

Leonardo DiCaprio

Marilyn Monroe

Morgan Freeman

Nicole Kidman

Sandra Bullock

Salma Hayek 

Sylvester Stallone

Tom Cruise

Vin Diesel 

Will Smith

Nicolas Cage

2 thoughts on “57 Funny Cartoons of Famous Celebrities

  1. Hi I really want to say that the cartoons are great but not all of them can be seen so yeah I would rate this a 4.5 star rating but overall great.

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