6 Design Related Careers You Might Not Have Thought Of

People with an eye for design are in demand. Translating complicated concepts into an eye catching visual piece of work is a rare skill and one that is highly rewarded as a result. This is particularly the case in the US – with an average salary in California stretching to six figures. Australia, UK and the Netherlands also aren’t far behind in the pay stakes.

But ‘design’ doesn’t refer to one easily-defined career and one type of job. Under this heading falls a string of different types of job that tap into the creative talents of those with a flair for design.

Here’s six ways into design that you might not have thought of…


Planes, trains and automobiles all need to look the part – they are the most visual representation of their company’s branding and send a strong message. But their look doesn’t just happen – it requires an awful lot of thought and the input of a smart designer. Right from the surface preparation to the delivery of the branding, this is an important industrial application of the talents of a designer.

Town planner

Design isn’t just about making pretty things for others to admire. Town planners have to think creatively to come up with designs that provide solutions to vital housing and infrastructure projects. It’s one of the most practical ways in which a designer can apply their talents.


This is a particularly well paid part of the design spectrum – with an annual median salary of $65,000 – and deals with the millions and millions of shoes, suits, dresses and other clothing items that fills the fashion outlets across the globe. People with a passion for fashion and design can help translate trends into lucrative ranges. Demand for fashion design is growing.

Digital marketing

Modern marketing campaigns need to utilise the full range of digital tools available to catch the eye of customers. That means design and lots of it. From fully responsive websites that act as a shop window to the outside world to interactive tools and infographics – digital marketing needs the services of digital designers.


Games are big business. The industry is set to be worth almost $20 billion in the US by 2019, climbing from about $15 billion in 2014. That growth means there is a constant demand for people who can dream up and deliver new games – not least now that virtual reality technology is on the brink of a breakthrough. This is a competitive market, but probably one of the most fun ways in which to apply your eye for design.

Set design

We all know about the work of interior designers –who help to plan and arrange homes – but what about taking it one step further? Creative designers help to dress the sets of television and film studios to get them fit for the screen. These people are the unsung heroes of the programmes and films we watch and have to have a keen eye for design, translating the vision of the writer and director into the right look. Set designers can also find work on big theatre productions in Broadway.

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