7 Most Creative Vape Designs

The vaping industry amazes us not only with the quality of its products but also with the surprisingly stylish designs. The basic parts of all vapes are the same – a battery, an atomizer that works as a heating element and a cartridge that is a container for a flavored e-juice or e-liquid. So, a vaporizer isn’t constrained by the demand of special forms and shapes.

Having no limits, the developers think out of the box and create the products that become fashion accessories. People don’t buy a random device. They choose carefully and get the vape that can display their style. Check out the lists of the most original, fancy, and eye-catching e-cigs.

1. Sigelei Swallowtail 75A

swallowtail 75a by sigelei

Sigelei strikes us with every electronic cigarette by taking the risk of offering an unusual and well thought out form. A cutting-edge design comes in three versions which correspond to three different rates. The vape mods look the same at first sight. But they are available in three body constructions: stabilized wood, resin, and splash paint.

The shine of the material and a range of exclusive patterns are simply breath-taking. And the price of the vape is low if compared to other products made from the same material.

2. Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W Touch Screen Display Module

joyetech touch screen mod 200w

There are many touchscreen vape gadgets on the market. Some are awful, others are good. But Joyetech Cuboid Pro is one of the best touch screens for mods.

The Cuboid Pro box mod is more advanced and powerful than the previous models. It is equipped with a large 2.4 inch TFT color display. A user can change wallpapers and make the device look different every time.

3. Kangertech K1 Wood stabilized DNA75 Mod

K1 stabilized wood box

This device stands out among others as it is crafted of a noble material – stunning stabilized wood. The best thing about this is that each mode gets a unique appearance due to the manufacturing process.

When you take a closer look, you can see a truly posh design signature. The wood grain is presented conspicuously throughout the e-cigarette click to read more, accented with whirls of color that make a statement. This is something that a collector or a vaping enthusiast would like to have.

4. Dovpo ST 100 TC Box Mod

dovpo st100

The list of unique e cigs won’t be full without this luxury looking box mod. When you see it, you can’t believe that it costs only $52. It’s mainly made of Manu-Marble that promises the durability. Nice and simple, it feels really smooth in hand. Similar to wood and resin, the pattern option is random due to the production process. It never repeats.

5. VapeCube Nintendo GameCube Inspired Vape / Hookah

Nintendo vape-cube

People used GameCubes to, you know, play games. At least, most of us did. Do you know that it is possible to use GameCubes to vape?

Nebula Vaping offers creative e cig devices. The company re-purposed Nintendo GameCube to act as a vaporizer or a hookah. It can be described in one word – funny.

In fact, the VapeCube is quite functional. The hoses are inserted into the controller ports. So, the VapeCube allows up to four people to all vape at the same time. No word on whether or not you could play “Super Mario Bros” while you smoke up. Unfortunately, I failed to find the products in online stores.

6. Asvape Michael VO200 TC Box Mod (Night Edition)

asvape michael vo200 tc box

The majority of the box mods have Western features – street style, pop culture, rustic vintage, etc. This Devils Night Edition comes as a contrast to the designs we usually see in vape shops.

Asvape Michael Mod embraces Japanese mythology characters. A famous illustrator performed traditional painting with iconic images in solid color.

Due to premium water transfer printing, the painting looks sleek. And smooth contour curve is not just aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable to hold.

7. YiHi’s SX Mini G Class Luxury Golden Limited Edition Vape MOD

sx mini g-class gold

SX Mini G Class 200W has entered the vaping game as the indisputable king. This exquisite Mod combines elegance, performance, and style. It sets the tone when it comes to features: Bluetooth customization from your smartphone, an innovative joystick toggle, and user-friendly navigation. One reviewer called SX Mini the Bentley of vapes. It can be the centerpiece of a vapor’s collection. No long talk, just look at the photo.


As you see, it’s possible to find a fully-compatible machine that will suit your vaping and aesthetic needs. Small and comfortable devices can be visually dazzling as well. Just take your time and choose the best e-cig for you!

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