12 Anti-Valentine’s Nails Art Designs Ideas For 2024

Love is in the air, but if the air in the month of February makes you gag, then you my friend are Anti-Valentine’s Day type. And because having your nails up to date is so important, you don’t wanna miss out on manicures during Valentine’s. So here are 12 Anti Valentine nails for 2024 for you to rock with pride during the month of February to say no to Valentine’s Day.

1. Forget V-Day and Enjoy Some Bacon

anti valentines day bacon nail art idea

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Who likes sweets for breakfasts anyways? It’s certainly not good for you. Forget Valentine’s Day and have some bacon.

2. Hearts With Barbed Wires nail Designs

hearts with wires anti valentines day nail art design idea

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This nail heart shows restricting your heart with ropes to keep it contained on the account of Valentine’s Day.

3. I Do-Nut Like You

anti valentines day i do-nut nail art idea

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This amusing nail art idea is perfect for who wants to take a humorous took at being Anti-Valentine. This nail art screams loud and clear that you donut like Valentine’s Day, pun intended.

4. Anti-Valentine’s Day Themed Sweetheart Candies

anti valentines day sweatheart nail art designs

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While everybody is going around giving sweetheart candies to their Valentines, and you don’t have a valentine, just make them on nails with your favorite words you use seeing the cheesy couples.

5. Broken Hearts & Grumpy Cat

anti valentines day broken hearts with grumpy cat nail art idea

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For the people who take Valentine’s Day a bit too seriously and are heart broken and grumpy for being single on 14th February, this nail art design is for them. 

6. Stupid Cupid Nails for Valentine Haters

anti valentines day stupid cupid stamp nail art design idea

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Broken hearts and a cupid ban goes together very well. Add a stupid cupid call name and you got yourself the ideal Anti-Valentine manicure.

7. Love Sucks Nail Art For Valentine’s Day

anti valentines day love sucks coffin nail art design idea

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Valentine because love sucks anyways. Red and pink are the perfect colors for Valentine nail art and adding a broken heart and xo ties it all come together.  

8. Your Loss Nails Art Idea For Anti-Valentine’s

anti valentines day your loss nail art idea

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Be confident and have this bold nail design on for Valentine’s Day that says Your Loss, because it is their loss for not having you as their Valentine.

9. Heartbreak & Throwing Away Love Nails

anti valentines day broken heart nail art design idea

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Pairing red gel nail paint with a broken heart and a silhouette of a person throwing away their heart in the true spirit of Anti-Valentine’s Day.

10. Love Doesn’t Matter Nails For Valentine Despisers

anti valentines day no love nails art designs idea

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Although green and black aren’t the colors of Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t matter because you hate it anyways. Crossing out the word love and a broken heart completely showcases your feelings for the Day.

11. Do Not Touch Me Nails For Anti-Valentine’s Day

anti valentines day do not touch me nails art design idea

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For people who intensely abhor Valentine’s Day, this nail art which threatens the cupid to stay away and pairs it with jet black polish.

12. Anti-Valentine’s Day Nail Art Idea

anti valentines day heart broken nails designs idea

image credit

The best Anti-Valentine’s Day nail art idea there is. A broken heart representing your feelings for Valentine and the rough texture of the writing makes it manicure even better.

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