Are White Weddings Out of Style?

The movies are full of portrayals of great big white weddings in beautiful churches with the god loving priest, but white traditional weddings might actually be a thing of the past, based on the results of a study created by My Voucher Codes.

They asked 500 engaged couples one main simple question – “Would you like to have a traditional white wedding?” The results were somewhat surprising, considering only 1 in 5 couples said that they are doing a traditional wedding. When asked, where would they ideally want to have their weddings, here’s what turned out:

  • Hotel – 30%
  • Country house – 21%
  • Registry office – 28%
  • Church – 9%
  • Temporary licenced venue -5%
  • Abroad – 7%

“Now people want to choose places to say ‘I do’ which have meaning to them, or which are easy to hold an all-day function. Couples are also not wanting to stick to the standard format of wedding parties made up of groomsmen and bridesmaids and all that entails. I think in future we will see a big shift in how and where couples get hitched.”

said Chris Reilly, General Manager of MyVoucherCodes.

But what are the main reasons for the switch from traditional white weddings to other options? I think you guessed it, it’s the cost. Here are all the main reasons in a list:

  1. Cost – 57%
  2. Stress – 46%
  3. Hassle of arranging – 37%
  4. Don’t have a big family – 26%
  5. Don’t like family/family issues – 18%
  6. Do not like being centre of attention – 12%
  7. For the majority of those taking part in the survey cost was

You can read more about the study here.

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