Are You Brave Enough For Flared Jeans?

 Skinny jean tribe, this trend is not going to be easy: 2016 is all about the flare. 1970s inspired fashion has been doing the rounds for a couple of seasons now and has had us embracing suede, leather, thigh high boots and fringing… but are you brave enough for the decade’s most iconic look of all? Here’s how to do flared jeans without accidentally looking like your mum…

First, dip your toe (or bell-bottomed jean if we’re cutting straight to the point) into festival dressing. Events this summer such as Glastonbury and Coachella aren’t actually as far away as they feel right now, and could be the perfect time to take this trend for a spin. Team your flares with a printed kimono, tease your hair into loose waves and don your favourite sunglasses: hippy, bohemian and very ‘summer of love’….

However, this trend isn’t just for those special occasions when we take a break from real life. You can actually work flares into your everyday routine, wearing them at the weekend and even to the office. Really! The trick is choosing a flare with a proportion that works for the environment you’re in: business meetings call for a pair that fit snugly on the thighs with fluting from the knee down. Worn with a silk blouse tucked casually into the waistband, you’ll create a sleek and professional silhouette.

How do you wear flares at the weekend though? Good question. Ultimately, it’s a tricky balancing act between choosing the right pair and teaming it with the right cut and fabric on top. Those looking to ease themselves into the trend should try a fitted t-shirt, opting for a turtleneck for colder weather, a tucked in tee as the days warm up, and a bodysuit when summer really breaks. Feeling bolder? There’s no limit: a ruffled blouse, a structured shirt or even a baggy crop top would look great.

Another way to wear this trend without looking like you’ve been dressed by a costume designer is to wear jeans with a flare that correlates to your confidence. For instance, women ready to jump on this brand might take a leaf out of Donna Ida’s book and opt for breezy, wide flares, while those of us feeling a bit more tentative should head to Topshop for their MOTO Clean Cut Flare Jeans. As a rule of thumb, wear this trend subtly by opting for a flare that’s equally as wide as your hips, but not more.Check out pairs that are of good quality with a price tag that won’t break the bank, such as those in the Superdry Jeans range.

Finally, avoid wide legged woes by shopping for flares that contain at least 2% elastane. This will give you plenty of stretch and fit your body well whilst avoiding that dreaded denim sag. Also, if you think you’ll have to hem your flares and avoid puddles (after all, you’ll be soggy up to the knee if you’re not careful), take your measurements whilst wearing shoes – it makes a huge different with this style!

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