Best 8 Ariel Winter Tattoo Design Photos

Ariel Winter Workman is an American singer, actress and voice actress. She has been famous for her role of Alex Dunphy in the series of Modern family, whereas she had also gained much more attractiveness since she played a role of her voice in Sofia the First at Disney junior of the character named Penny Peterson. The latest tattoos of Ariel Winter has been pointing out some love and dedications towards few precious aspects of her life.  Let’s talk about the sketches of ink on her skin.

1. In Relations of nephew and niece


The love for niece and nephew relates this tattoo as she has been posting many pictures on social media with them. This tattoo is located on the side of the rib cage, right near the heart, this includes 5 of her niece and nephew. Her niece and nephew are the most important people in her life as she claims them to be a motivation for her living. You may find the full form of the abbreviation below:

Dakota Patrice Workman, Asher Ruben Gray, Demetra Eleni Workman, Parker Eleni Gray, Skylar Eleni Gray.

2. Tiger Tattoo on back


This tattoo is the protective nature with the people, however it is also made by doctor woo who used single needle to make such a fine tattoo. It is located at the top center of the back near neck.

3. The Heart tattoo with boyfriend


This has been made in June 2017, however this can also be one of the reason for improving the relation.

4. The cheese and peanut butter Tattoo with boyfriend


Peanut Butter and cheese with her boyfriend Levi Meaden. There is no specific evidence of information about this, however this can be surely a reason to improve relation between them.

5. A Spade Tattoo on the right wrist


This indicates her love of poker cards, as she claimed that she has been playing poker since the age of 6. Whereas, this is to show love and tribute for her Grandmother, who taught her how to play poker cards.

6. The Roman Numeral Tattoo


The Roman Numerals indicate 10-3-2012 inside the Left elbow. The powerful meaning behind this particular tattoo is that this day she started a new life along with her sister and got rid of her abusive mom and started a peaceful life, upon which in 2016, her sister made the same one on her elbow.

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7. The Snake wrist Tattoo


Again this picture has been snapped by herself which has been completed by Doctor woo. You may find more pictures regarding this tattoo on her left hand’s wrist, on Instagram.

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8. Thigh Tattoo, shown paint less by her on Snapchat!


It says “ Love Risks Everything and Asks for Nothing”.  This has been specially aimed to her boyfriend and is written in Greek language. It is located in cursive writings at the right leg above the thigh.

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