10 Super Easy-Beautiful Long Hairstyles Step By Step

Beautiful Long hair is a charm for women and an attraction for men, styling these long hair is easy. With a step by step tutorials-pictures, even a lazy girl will create a super chic style everyday in a few minutes. You just need to take a challenge in order to fulfill a stunning image of beautiful hairstyles. So if you desire a glamour, elegance going to any party, just add these simple-fast long hairdo ideas in your everyday makeup.

1. Flower Braid

Flower Braid step by step

Photo Credit: Trend Survivor

Flower braid looks very classy, first you need to comb your hair and divide into two sections, all you need is to gather hair into a ponytail and then make a clean braid tug for thick appearance, these tucked out edges will create flower petals, so spin braid and turn them in a bun, pin first section of hair, secure the style for daytime parties.

2. DIY Perfect Pony

sleek ponytail

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This Sleek Ponytail hairstyle is so simple, all you need is to separate the hair into two even sections. Keep one section at the front while second at back. Make a pony with hair at back section and then pull right half of front hair tie them at the back of head, again pull front left hair and tie them securely on head.

3. Twist Bun

easy twist bun hairstyling

Photo Credit: LuLu

Twisted Bun is an easy style, Brush your silky hair and just divide the hair into two section, cross the sections around each other and make a twisted circle, make sure to knot-secure hair firmly and pin it so that it won’t loosen up again.

4. Easy Chignon

easy chignon

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Easy Chignon: Curl the hair on the sides and create a low ponytail, clipped with elastic, twist and tuck the high end hair tail in the pony and pin it together.

5. Game of Thrones Braid Style

Game of Throne Braid

Photo Credit: LuLu

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Then capture attention with simplicity by wearing this fabulous style, All you need is to make two small and long braids and tie them around head like a crown. The primary element of the style is refinement. It looks perfect for all occasions and very simple to make.

6. Low Ponytail Flower Braid

Low Ponytail flower braid

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Little flower ponytail flower braid will look gorgeous. just make a braid picking hair from both sides and wrap the braid to form a flower. You simply do not need thick or voluminous hair to make one of this beautiful hairstyles, It is perfect for women who have thin hair.

7. Bow Tie Hairstyle

bow tie hair

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Mothers just make some column at the sides and then for to bend hair leaving a tail, divide the remaining par of the hair to create the shape of a bow, sweeping tail and clip hair back up, it is a half updo style which will give you more feminine look. Bow tie hair looks more girlish and will suit teenage girls, it is really simple to do.

8. Triple Tail

triple tail

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You will need clear elastic bands to make triple tail hairstyle, this will secure hair with three ponytails. Just make pony vertically, now you have to tuck each pony by rolling it, so try this out. However, you can use various hair accessories to decorate your hairstyle.

9. Twisted Halo style

Twisted Halo style

Photo credit: Watch out Ladies

This single twisted hair from one side will look amazing, you just need good hair pins to secure your hair in the middle of head, now twist another strand of hair and tuck it with the other twisted strand.

10. Knot Pony Tail

Knot Pony Tail

Photo Credit: Beauty Department

Now get this princess hairstyle with easy seven steps. It is simple to make and will enhance your look. The knot ponytail is perfect for casual and formal look.

Try out these fabulous, beautiful hairstyles on this holiday season. Follow the easy step by step tutorials and grab an eye-catching look, you will win many hearts because these hairstyles are fascinating and perfect for all type of occasions.

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