27 Beautiful Flower Tattoo Design Ideas For Women

Women are more attracted to flower tattoos then men, because all the fragrances of mother nature are present in flowers and its the most important thing in the life of any women to be smelled with a natural scent that will make her beauty glow more than usual.

Flower are the most delicate creatures of God, its a symbol of femininity. Women love to have a flower inked on various parts of their body, the floral tattoo patterns are sweet images that give more grace, power of beauty and sensual energy of nature to females.

Flowers like Hibiscus, Chrysanthemum, Rose, Sunflower, Lotus and so on are perfect tattoos to be selected as big tattoo designs on back, thigh, shoulder, neck, chest and other parts of the body. On the other hand flower such as Aster, Lupin, Lavenders, Forget me nots and many more can be selected as small floral tattoo symbols for wrist, forearm, collarbone, back neck or on ankle to be more attractive designs.

Here we have selected the most beautiful flower tattoos that have different meaning according to the various cultures and regions of the world where they grow, however many of the flower tattoos have similar importance and meaning in most the places in the entire globe. You can select a floral tattoo design that is perfect and defines your personality more clearly thorough this list of flower tattoos gallery below.

Flower Tattoo Design Ideas


Intricate Beauty

hibiscus flower tattoo

Hawaiian flower tattoos

beautiful hibiscus flower tattoo

back shoulder floral design



orchid flower tattoo

flower leg tattoo

orchids flower tattoo

watercolor orchids



peony flower tattoo

colored petals


aster flower tattoo

Floral Tattoo with asters


Chrysanthemum flower tattoo

Amazing Petals


dahlia flower tattoo

black and grey flower tattoo

Rose Flower

Red rose is a symbol of true love.

Rose flower tattoo

half sleeve romantic flower tattoo

blue rose tattoo

watercolor flower tattoo

watercolor rose tattoo

watercolor flower tattoo on thigh

rose and rosary

rose and rosary



lily tattoo

gorgeous flower tattoo

watercolor tulip tattoo

watercolor tulip tattoo

Lotus Flower

Overcoming barriers.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

3D Flower Tattoo Design

tribal lotus flower tattoo

flower tattoo pattern for women

lotus flower tattoo design

realistic flower tattoo idea

lotus floral tattoo design

floral tattoo patterns

lotus flower tattoo on back shoulder

back shoulder tattoo

tiny lotus flower tattoo

neck back tiny flower tattoo

Poppy Flower


Poppy Flower tattoo

flower arm tattoo

poppy flower tattoo design

flower tattoos on hand


Daffodil packed girls who feel unclaimed in love.

Daffodil tattoo

small ribs flower tattoo

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossoms are symbol of spiritual beauty and youth.

sakura flower tattoo


cherry blosssom tattoo

beautiful flowers

Cherry Blossom Branch Tattoo design

flower branch tattoo

cherry blossom tree tattoo

cherry blossom tree



dandelion flower tattoo

blowing flower birds tattoo


iris flower tattoo

watercolor flower ink spine tattoo


Bring good luck.

clover flower tattoo

Shamrock leafs on Collar Bone



sunflower tattoo

shoulder flower tattoo

sunflower tattoo design

shoulder tattoo


Protection in battle

Gladiolus flower tattoo

back shoulder flowers


beauty and femininity.

wildflowers tattoo

full sleeve tattoo


love symbol.

jasmine flower tattoos

lovely flower girl tattoos

Passion Flower

passion flower tattoo

full sleeve shoulder flower tattoo


Magnolia shows love for nature.

x-ray flower tattoo

half sleeve X-Ray flower tattoo

magnolia flower tattoo

watercolor magnolia flower tattoo

Plumeria Flower

plumeria flower tattoo

flower tattoos on back

Vine Tattoos

vine tattoo

lower back flower tattoos


daisy flower tattoo

daisies on foot

Lupin flower tattoo

lupin flower tattoo

back tattoo ideas


beauty, innocence-modesty.

lavenders flower tattoo

awesome ankle girl tattoos

Violet flower tattoo

Matching Violet Tattoos

Forget Me Nots

forget me not flower tattoo

flower signature tattoo

Floral Tattoo Designs


mandala flower tattoo

intricate floral tattoo designs

mandala flower of life tattoo

mandala-flower of life geometric tattoo

floral pattern

elegant tattoo pattern on thigh

floral tattoo pattern

floral tattoo pattern

flower tattoo pattern

shoulder neck tattoo pattern

flower tattoo patterns

lace flower pattern

geometric flower pattern

geometric floral pattern

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