25 Most Beautiful Japanese girl Geisha Tattoos

Are you fond of the Japanese cultures? Then Geisha Japanese tattoos will surely be adored by you. The girls mostly ink geisha tattoos, and it depicts a woman who is wearing kimono. It is not easy to be a geisha’s woman, it requires a lot of practice and training. Most of the women desire to be one of them, and they are still seen in traditional hotels or restaurants in Japan. However, it plays a significant role in Japanese tattoos.

Geisha Japanese tattoos

Geisha women are famous because of rich history, these women are educated and are trained professionally, their job is to dance, play instruments and sing. These are famous because of acquired knowledge about history and culture of Japan, they do represent ideal women so feel sensual and beautiful by inked with geisha tattoo.

Girl Geisha

Girl Geisha tattoo

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It is a beautiful girl geisha accompanied with flowers and grayish- black background. She symbolizes boldness and strength.

Elegant Tattoo

Elegant geisha Tattoo

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The Geisha women is beautiful and elegant. They are trained for singing songs and playing instruments.

Smiling Geisha

Smiling Geisha tattoo on legs

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It is the traditional smiling Geisha woman who is cute and beautiful. This mostly symbolizes the naughty and happiness attitude.

Unique tattoo

Unique tattoo ink japanese girl geisha

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It is one of the unique and the incredible beautiful tattoo. The simplicity of the tattoo depicts elegance.

Realistic Tattoo

Realistic Tattoo geisha

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It is one of the realistic Geisha Japanese tattoos which is perfect. The detailing of the tattoo is incredible. The natural looking face, makeup, and hair will surely be appreciated. These women are knowledgeable and skilled.

Peaceful tattoo

Peaceful tattoo portrait geisha on sleeve

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This tattoo is great and perfectly inked with the clothes and hair. The line work will surely bring the tattoo to life. The geisha tattoo shows beauty, innocence, and independence.

Leg geisha tattoo

Leg geisha tattoo

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This is a full leg geisha tattoo which you have seen very rare. It is filled with color and amazing details. The woman in the tattoo symbolizes the peace and music lover who is fond of playing instruments.

Audrey Geisha

Audrey Geisha back tattoo

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It is the Audrey version of geisha. If you are a fan of Audrey Kawasaki, then this tattoo will be a perfect choice. This tattoo depicts the beauty, elegance, and boldness.

Dancing Geisha

Dancing Geisha women tattoo on back

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The geisha tattoo is on the back because it is huge in size. The dancing geisha is great and colorful. The beautiful butterflies are dancing along with the woman. The geisha symbolizes happiness, joy and dance lover.

Half Leg tattoo

Half Leg tattoo geisha girl

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The trend of half leg geisha is increasing. This tattoo is great and has perfect detailing. The geisha depicts sober attitude along with the modesty.

Black and gray geisha

Black and gray geisha girl tattoo with musical instrument

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The geisha is playing instrument showing the interest in music. It is an exceptional piece of art.

Head dressed Geisha

Head dressed Geisha girl tattoo

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The head dressed Geisha Japanese tattoo is very popular. It is mostly inked in red or black shading. Her bent head expression depicts sadness and loneliness. It also symbolizes the strength and surviving power.

Traditional Geisha

Traditional Geisha woman tattoo

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This Geisha is very traditional and has a perfect look. The flowers and the hair styling is simply breathtaking.

Tsunami Geisha

Tsunami Geisha tattoo

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This tattoo is incredible and flawless. Everything from the detailing to shading and colors is flawless. The movement of water is shown in a perfect way. This tattoo symbolizes boldness, strength, and brilliance.

Fan Geisha

Fan Geisha tattoo design

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Mostly in culture or tradition of Japan, geisha used to hold the fan. These geisha are well known because of sophistication. They are beautiful and known for their style.

Demeanor Tattoo

Demeanor Tattoo geisha girl

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This is the expression of a Geisha which shows the mysterious side of a woman. It symbolizes the perfect and artistic feminine blended with flowers and details.

Colorful Geisha

Colorful Geisha tattoo painting

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It is a colorful geisha tattoo who is enjoying the springtime with flowers and wind. The details and colors are simply amazing.

Thigh tattoo

Thigh tattoo colorful geisha

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The lovely woman geisha is dressed in a traditional way. She is stylish and showing her charm.

Black and white tattoo

Black and white tattoo geisha on back

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This is the geisha woman who is shaded in black and skin color. It is perfectly inked. The geisha shows bravery, independence, and traditional attitude.

Realistic sad geisha tattoo

Realistic sad geisha tattoo

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The best geisha portrait is made on the arm. The feminine details depict the soft look and the wild side as well.

Fierce Geisha tattoo

underarm Fierce Geisha tattoo

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This Japanese tattoo looks more like a poster on the skin. The expression of the geisha woman is mysterious. You cannot predict that whether she is mad or sad or what is she thinking.

Shamisen tattoo

Shamisen tattoo

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As compared to other geisha tattoo, this tattoo is larger in size. The tall standing woman symbolizes the beauty and charm but lack colors.

Vibrant tattoo

Vibrant tattoo geisha girl

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The artist has done the neat and great job. The colors added are dynamic and beautiful. The colorful geisha depicts the joy in life.

Feminine Geisha

Feminine Anime Style Geisha tattoo

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It is the best geisha feminine tattoo. It is filled with appealing and bright colors. The running woman symbolizes intense, vivid and fierce lady.

Freedom Geisha

Freedom Geisha portrait full sleeve tattoo

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It is the amazing tattoo on the arm. It seems the picture is painted or printed on the arm. The sad looking geisha wants freedom and feels lonely.

All of these Japanese tattoos are ideal for both men and women because they have different interpretations and meanings. So get yourself inked with any one of these Geisha tattoos.

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