Best Funny Birthday Greetings, Wishes & Messages

Birthdays are worth celebrating and extra special, without fun and enjoyment birthdays are incomplete. Aside from hugs, kisses gifts, and birthday surprise parties, wish your loved ones with funny birthday greetings.

We have prepared a collection of the funniest and most entertaining birthday greetings which will make the birthday girl or boy’s special day full of wit. In our list of funny birthday messages you will find humorous birthday biddings for your mother, father, sister, brother and friends. You can pick any funny birthday wishes from our list and put a smile on their faces.

Please note that there is a very thin line between being funny and offensive, so make sure your birthday greetings are not insulting or rude to anyone. These funny birthday greetings, wishes and messages can be sent through Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, SMS etc.

Funny Birthday Greetings, Wishes, Messages for Friends (male and female)


  • On your Birthday, I will gift you a lot of things like, fun, love, friendship and laughter. Mainly because all these are free of cost.
  • I am so glad that you were the strongest sperm buddy! Happy Birthday!
  • Considering that I am not good at remembering anyone’s birthday, it’s a birthday miracle that I am sending this message to you. Happy Birthday Friend!
  • I wanted to give you a charming and cool gift for your birthday, but then I realized that you have me in your life already!
  • Remember that you wanted to lose weight? Hard luck, get ready to stuff your chubby face with your birthday cake! Happy birthday!
  • My friend another year has passed, however, that does not mean that you have become any smarter!
  • Happy birthday Friend! You are the only person I wish is still alive when the iPhone 600 launches!
  • I hope that you enjoy your special day just as much as you enjoy tormenting and annoying everyone. Happy Birthday!
  • Just think of all the lovely things you would want to listen to on your birthday and then imagine that I said them. Happy Birthday Friend!
  • Happy Birthday Bud! I wish your day is as amazing as me!
  • You had my attention at “there will be free food and beer”. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Greetings & Wishes About Turning Older (male and female)


  • If anyone says that you’re old, throw your teeth at them and beat them up with your stick! Happy birthday!
  • At this point in your life, you must consider taking a new start. You should start lying about your real age. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, you are so close to experiencing another century go by!
  • They say time heals all wounds; however, it surely leaves you with wrinkly skin and unattractive glow. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! You should not be ashamed of your age. This year you are smarter, wise and really close to gaining the perks of senior discounts!
  • The ambulance service is on your speed dial in case you have a sudden attack of asthma by blowing the candles. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you a very happy birthday! Congratulations on getting at the age that makes your disappearing hairline seem suitable.
  • Happy birthday! Please do not forget to tell me that how old you are pretending to be, so I can play along the pretense.
  • Happy Birthday! A new year, new areas that pain.
  • Happy Birthday Pal!You are one step nearer to diapers being compulsory!
  • I know it is not easy not being able to look at the frostings of your birthday cake as it is covered in numerous candles and also because old age has reduced your eyesight, but cheers! At least retirement is on its way! Happy birthday you oldie!
  • Happy Birthday! See the bright side; you are not as old as you are going to be next year!
  • Happy Birthday! Hey, will you be able to blow out all the candles on your birthday cake by yourself or is there a need to call the fire station to help you out regarding this?
  • Hey Dinosaur! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! I will never send you those birthday greeting postcards that make fun of your age because I know age is a sensitive topic for old.
  • I just want you to keep in mind that you are a year older than you were former year.Happy Birthday!
  • Everybody knew that this day was coming up;it is not bad fortune, it is natural. You have only one option and that is to accept the reality and suck it up!It is not appropriate for you anymore to eat a Mc Donalds’ happy meal in public. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes & Messages For Brothers.


  • I know that your whole life I have been a role model to you, so on your special day I would like to say, you are welcome! Happy Birthday, bro!
  • Over the years, I have learned so much from you, like how to make mum and daddy mad, how to get away with bad grades and staying out till late and how to tell on your brothers and sisters. I cannot wait to find out what will I learn from you this year. Happy Birthday!
  • No worries, big brother, age is just a number. Though, in your situation, it is a very, very large number! Happy birthday!
  • In spite of all our quarrels (that I won) and all our arguments (in which I was right) you know that you are the most important person in my life. Have a tremendous Birthday, brother!

Funny Birthday Wishes & Messages For Sisters


  • I am not going to gift you make up anymore; it’s time to accept you the way you really are, gorgeous wrinkles and everything! Happy Birthday!
  • I once had acute, little, baby sister. Now, I have you. Happy Birthday sis!
  • Dear sister, if you keep working hard, may be one day you might end up being just like me. Keep on trying. Happy Birthday!
  • You are so special to me, sis. Who would I tease without you? Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to mum and daddy’s second favorite daughter!
  • Happy birthday to a truly wonderful, extremely gorgeous, extraordinarily funny person who fortunately has my DNA!

Funny Birthday Greeting-Messages For Fathers


  • Real heroes do not actually wear capes, they crack bad joke. You are a real hero daddy. Happy birthday!
  • You may be growing old, but you also get to be the sensible guy and all antiques like you hold a great value. Happy birthday pops!
  • Do not worry daddy, you are not getting bald, you are only becoming sleeker. Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for all those times when you saved my ass from mom. I owe you a lot! Happy Birthday Dad!
  • On your birthday we bring you the best present of all; family’s love. Don’t worry dad, we still got you real gifts too!
  • Happy Birthday Dad! 60 is the new 30 .. Twice

Funny Birthday Greetings-Messages for Mothers


  • We have the perfect mother daughter relation. You are my mom and I am perfect! Happy Birthday!
  • Mom, you are growing old but don’t worry you are aging with class! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Ma! Do not think that you growing older; think that you are turning in to a classic!
  • Happy birthday to my own search engine. Thank you for always answering to any stupid question I had!

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