10 Best Horror Board Games to Play for Halloween Fun Party

Halloween is one of the most awaited events for people of all ages. The scary decors, the spooky night parties, the costume parties and even mouthwatering Halloween based delights are loved by everyone. The Halloween party organizers are always looking for some innovative ideas to make their party an unforgettable one. Adding the spookiest and the most thrilling board games is a great idea to entertain the visitors on Halloween party. There is a list of board games that can be added to the party table. If you want to throw an unforgettable party then you need to go through the following games. Adding some or just a few of these to your party can be real difference makers.

1. Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill

One of the first things that come to the mind while talking about the Halloween is the haunted house. Let your friends enjoy this spooky board game that can be played among 6 players at one time. The goal of the game is to escape from the haunted house after playing fifty scary scenarios. You have to be very careful as any of your friends can betray you in this expedition. The game is easily available in every market. If you prefer buying it online then for just $37.50 you can get it from Amazon.

2. Fury of the Dracula

Fury of the Dracula

Who would not like to be in the world of vampires this Halloween? Fury of Dracula can be really helping in this regard. Created by the Fantasy Flight games in 1987, the game still is very popular. The gameplay happens to take place in the Europe, where a Dracula from the past is back to take his revenge by adding more vampires to his team. Enjoy buying this game right at your doorstep from Amazon for $148.45.

3. Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

The name itself is enough to give a chill. It is a zombie game that will add extreme adventure to the table for the Halloween party. It falls under the category of the “meta co-operative psychological survival game,”. The players have to survive the stress and fear by following certain secret objectives. Get it for $53.95 from Amazon,

4. Last Night on the Earth

Last Night on the Earth

Just imagine yourself in a situation where you know that you will not live long. This modular board game involves the board fight between the Zombies and the heroes that can result in anyone as a winner. For $53.96 you can get it from Amazon.

5. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Inspired by the werewolf characters the board game can add life to your Halloween party. The players assume roles and try killing the possible werewolf. Play this ultimate werewolf board game from eBay for $21.95.

6. Mansions of Madness

Mansions of Madness

Created by the Fantasy Flight the game moves around the haunted mansion. The players try to explore the mansion and then kill the evils coming in their way. Get it for $30.06 from eBay.

7. Letters from the Whitechapel

Letters from the Whitechapel

The game revolves around Jack the Ripper who keeps killing while roaming. The rest of the players have to stop him before its too late. The serial killer has to reach for the five victims. Get the brand new box of your great Halloween companion from ebay by paying $39.96.

8. Elder Sign

Elder Sign

It is the sister game of Arkham Horror Lite. The main objective is to go through the Lovecraftian mythos and get rid of the so-called Ancient Ones. It is available online for $30.51 on Amazon.

9. Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror

This four to five-hour length game wants you to fight the Ancient Ones with the cooperative skills. It is not easy for the young players but can be well handled by intelligent ones. Amazon is giving this board game for $53.95.

10. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

For those who love the ghost or the reincarnation then this game will surely make the Halloween special for you and your friends. Open the game and start fighting Wu Feng, Lord of the Nine Hells, who is back after his death a long time ago. Buy this from Amazon at $39.99.

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